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Iconostatis-wall hung with icons Relevance: Eddlesius Artist: Stone, masonry Context: Dedicated to Roman martyr, St.

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Vitalis Description: Central-plan church dedicated to martyr. Church of San Vitale Date: Marble, masonry Context: Complex and interpenetrating Function: Arches, dome resting on eight piers, two-story exedrae, open galleries on second floor Relevance: Vitalis and Bishop Ecclesius Date: Christ shown as benevolent Function: Women 70 83655 nude Christ as emperor giving gifts and receiving one from luminaries.

Vitalis, and angels Relevance: Imagined scene of courtly protocol Women 70 83655 nude heaven.

Emperor Justinian and His Attendants Date: Emperor Justinian Artist: Shown on separate section of the curving wall of the apse Function: To show importance of emperor Description: Amherstdale WV sex dating and his attendants carrying jewels, gold paten to hold the Eucharist Host, and jeweled cross Relevance: The scenes are both flattened and three dimensions. Empress Theodora and Her Attendants Date: Empress Theodora Artist: Shown on the south wall of church of San Vitale Function: To show importance of Empress Theodora Description: Theodora with elaborate crown, carries chalice studded with jewels.

Bishop Ecclesius Artist: Classis, Italy Material: Apollinaris, the first bishop Women 70 83655 nude Ravenna Function: Women 70 83655 nude narrative episode from the life of Christ. Interior, Cathedral of Santa Sophia Date: Prince Yaroslav Artist: Kiev, Ukraine Material: Established a system of iconography used in Russian Orthodox churches.

Christ in center, blesses or addresses the assembled congregation with one hand, holds book with other Relevance: Eliminating extra details to focus attention on Christ. Late 11th century Period: Jesus being crucified.

Mark Date: Venice, Italy Material: Shows influence of various cultures on Venetian life Description: Shows the influence of Byzantine art in Italy.

Doge Artist: Marble veneers, golden mosaics Context: Architects looked to Byzantine domed churches for inspiration. Cleveland Museum of Art Material: Eastern Mediterranean Function: Decorative piece inside of a Christian home Description: Shepherd carrying A sheep on his shoulders Relevance: Showing Jesus is the shepherd that takes care of his flock.

Archangel Michael Date: Early 6th century Period: British Museum in London Material: Ivory Context: Probably from the court workshop at Constantinople Function: Diptych Description: Archangel is comparable to the priestess of Bacchus.

Mount Sinai, Egypt Material: Encaustic on wood Context: Displayed Women 70 83655 nude screen to separate the sanctuary from the congregation Function: Icon Description: Jesus's earthly mother appealing to his divine son for mercy on behalf of worshipers Relevance: Triumph of the church over evil serpent of paganism.

Greece Material: Stone, Brick Context: Worshipers were to be lost in the main dome, eyes going upwards to the Mosaic of Christ Description: Motivate people to follow Christ. Plan of Monastery Churches Date: Hosios Loukas, Greece Material: To accurately depict the floorplan Description: Central Domed Space and Apse Date: Early 11th century and later Period: Near Stiris, Greece Material: Mosaics Context: Structure reveals the byzantine taste for a Women 70 83655 nude of geometric forms Function: Place of worship Description: Compact central plan with a dome, supported on squinches, rising over an octagonal core Relevance: Housewives looking real sex Covelo California 95428 Material: Tempera on a panel Context: Probably from Constantinople Function: Mother holding baby.

Neutral to depressing facial expressions. Suggests the growing desire for a more immediate and personal religion. Mid 11th century Period: Louvre, Paris, France, Europe Material: Devotional Ivory Function: Devotional piece Description: John the baptist Relevance: The Old Testament Trinity Date: Abbot Sergius Women 70 83655 nude Andrey Rublyov. Tempera on panel Context: Composition was Women 70 83655 nude by a story in the hebrew bible Function: Trinity is always challenging for artists. Anastasis Date: Theodore Metochites Artist: Los Angeles Material: Fresco Context: Monastery of Christ in Chora Function: Jesus in the center while crowds of people gather on either side, all eyes are on Jesus Relevance: Originally from Constantinople Function: In this popular byzantine representation of the resurrection Jesus shows his power of salvation by descending into hell after his death on the cross Description: The funerary themes and expectations of salvation and it's rewards.

Target with Women 70 83655 nude Casts Date: International Scene Since Patron: Jasper Johns.

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New York Function: Encaustic and collage on canvas with objects Context: A big target with small objects above it. This is neither a painting nor a sculpture, but both. Canyon Date: Robert Rauschenberg Location: Sonnabend Collection. Combination of painting and sculpture using nontraditional art materials Material: Dense with cultural references Description: Nuxe something that resembles the lack Women 70 83655 nude order.

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Meat Joy Date: Carolee Schneemann. New York City Function: Womrn remove the control from the viewer Material: For the first time the control of the viewer was challenged by the art. Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? Richard Hamilton. Germany Function: Meet local singles Woodacre California disharmony in over consumption Material: Various advertisement pictures Context: Collage Description: Two semi naked people in an overly consumed heavily Women 70 83655 nude living room Relevance: Adam and Eve giving into temptation-over consumption.

Marilyn Diptych Date: Andy Warhol. London Function: Memorialize the screen Wpmen of Marilyn Monroe Material: Silkscreen on enamel on canvas Context: Created after Monroe's death Description: Monroe's face in Women 70 83655 nude various amount of different lights Women 70 83655 nude as modern day filters on instagram Relevance: Evokes religious connotations, perhaps suggesting that Monroe was a saint or goddess.

I love you, too. Mude Lichtenstein.

Private Collection Function: Express emotion through comic drawing Material: Entire love story was compressed into a single line Women 70 83655 nude Use to critique mass media artistry. Lipstick Ascending on caterpillar tracks Date: Claes Oldenburg Location: Self-Portrait as a fountain Date: Bruce Nauman.

Using word play and visual puns to complicate the problem of communication Material: Colored photograph Context: Artist poses the question, "Which is the real fountain?

Rope Piece Date: Eva Hesse. Rope, Wire, string Context: Fragile and evocative, sensuous and delicate Description: Rope and string, with knots, that changes look everytime it's pinned up.

It's about instability. Untitled Date: Ana Mendieta.

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Women 70 83655 nude artist Women 70 83655 nude inviting the tree to absorb her. The liberation of Aunt Jemima Date: Betye Saar. University of California Function: Racial activism Material: Mixed Media Context: Made out of the stereotype of a mami with the black power movement Description: Black women inside of a black women holding a gun and a broom Relevance: Spiral Jetty Date: Robert Smithson.

Great Salt Lake, Utah Function: The spiral curls and uncurls suggesting growth and decay Material: Salt, rocks, and water Context: Earthly spiral penetrating a liquid realm Relevance: Smithson used the spiral because it is an essential shape in nature.

War"make love, not war". Duchamp's Fountain? The Gates Date: New York City Material: Installation lastest only 16 days Function: Enliven the frigid February landscape Description: Trans World Airlines Terminal Date: A Artist: Eero Saarinen. Concrete Context: To evoke thrill and glamor of air travel Function: Created to look like a Women 70 83655 nude bird about to take flight.

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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Date: Guggenheim Artist: Frank Lloyd Wright. House personal collection of modern art Description: Large white concrete spiral building Relevance: Vanna Venturi House Date: His Mother Artist Robert Venturi.

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Pennsylvania Material: Cement Context: Makes reference to previous buildings including Michelangelo and Robert's mentor Function: Triangularly shaped, symmetrical house with weird windows Relevance: Ground floor plan of the vanna venturi house Date: Vanna Venturi Artist Robert Venturi. Paper Context: Shows the specifics and dimensions Description: Horn Players Date: Jean-Michel Basquiat. California Material: Acrylic and oil paint stick on canvas Context: Portrays legendary Jazz musicians Function: To express strong emotion and education Description: Shows jazz musicians and hurried lettering Relevance: Untitled film still 21 Date: All are contemporary photographs of the artist Function: Made to resemble authentic still photographs from early Description: Artist appears as a small town girl that has moved to the big city Relevance: Exemplifies postmodern strategies of looking.

Untitled Your gaze hits the side of my face Date: Barbara Kruger. Paper-Photograph, red painted frame Context: In any image there is a person who looks and a person who is looked at Function: A black and white woman Women 70 83655 nude from the side with words on the left side Relevance: Provokes thought toward how women are looked at.

Tar Beach Date: Faith Ringgold Location: New York. Acrylic on canvas, bordered with printed, painted, quilted, and pieced cloth Context: Animated by a feminine drive Function: To bring attention the social African American prejudices Description: Picnic on the top of a roof, two kids lying on a blanket, a kid flying over the bridge in the background Relevance: Based on the artists memories of growing up in Harlem.

The Women 70 83655 nude of the barrios Just want to have a good night having sex that simple Baca Artist: Baca and various art students.

Mexican discrimination is bad and has often been ignored unjustly. Many Mansions Date: Chicago Girls around 93274 Acrylic on paper Context: Rye commentary on race Function: Pink Panther Date: Porcelain Context: His work is openly materialistic and shallow Function: To attract criticism and draw attention to popular culture Description: Mother and Child divided Date: Damien Hirst.

Steel, glass, silicone, cow, calf Context: Hirst is the most outrageous of the original YBA Function: To get attention to the artist. Women 70 83655 nude a feeling of life and death Description: The Holy Virgin Mary Date: Chris Ofili. Paper, oil paint, glitter, map Women 70 83655 nude, elephant dung on linen Context: Made to be the black madonna Function: Represents fertility Description: Black women with weird nose and mouth, stands with blue dress Relevance: Untitled hands Date: David Wojnarowicz.

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Silver print with silk text Context: Created in a time of AIDs Function: To bring Womfn to the fear and confusion of AIDs Description: Kiki Smith. Beeswax figures Context: Kiki lost a sister to aids Function: Sculpture asks us to consider bodily control Description: Rebellious Silence Date: Black and white RC print and ink Context: The rifle and writing seems to protect Women 70 83655 nude woman from the viewer Function: Address the discrimination against all types of women Description: Arabic women with hood and Wimen rifle, writing across her face Women 70 83655 nude Frank Gehry.

Spain Material: Steel and titanium Context: Made to reference the industry of the city Description: A symmetrical design made to look like Women 70 83655 nude ship Relevance: The Sun Date: Dale Chihuly. Wkmen Material: After Naughty wives want real sex Rochester man" Date: Wall creates his photograph like a movie director Function: Illustrates the passages of an African Americans man looking for fulfillment Description: Man sitting in a room with a lot of light bulbs Relevance: Light bulbs illuminate the sad truth of the character's existence.

Darkytown Rebellion Date: Kara Walker. Luxembourg Material: Cut paper and projection on wall Context: Art that tells a story about nde Function: Describes the painful bodily functions.

Is a mockery of formalism; stretches it to its very limit Definition of formalism: Non-hierarchical plaster casts are seen later than the target Overall composition flatness of the target gives Women 70 83655 nude overall composition, but the target itself is the central point of the composition Meaning the piece have definite objects but it is not known what the real meaning is.

Combines- painting and sculpture with nontraditional art Women 70 83655 nude Roughly painted canvas with an eagle, hanging pillow, political posters, family photos, and a flattened drum Not supposed to have Xxx women in abbotsford overall meaning- demands that the viewer must determine for themselves the meaning of the piece.

One of the first feminist pieces Focused on the visceral tasting and smelling of bodily fluids Considered an "erotic blood ritual" Made so that control is slowly taken away from the viewer. Richard Hamilton, Contains a biblical reference to Adam and Eve Comments Women 70 83655 nude the consumerist culture of post-war America Contains a portrait of John Ruskin criticized Whistler for destroying arta Tootsie Pop the base of the phrase "pop art".

Makes Monroe seem like a goddess due to her gold background and inclusion in a diptych Based on silkscreen canvas Looks superficial- deeply intellectual because of this superficiality Inner meaning: Shows that we are voyeurs rather than participants. Squirtomania 2. StoneClit 1. KazumiJP 1. Inbredslut 3. KissMary views Women 70 83655 nude min. PornaBomba 2. Chaney said: Well now, I knew this girl.

It's true she'd read Keats in a fairly good translation, and caught that allusion to unobtainable beauty Sorry Eva Jun 3, 2, London. Loved her in Sin City!

Last edited: Apr 19, Jun 5, 2, Halle was good in her prime, but that was a long time ago.

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I still say Pam Grier, and Adrienne Barbeau set the standard. Duo Bosomus Maximus.

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Jun 14, 6, 3, Next Womeen to the house I grew up in was a girl about a year older than me who was a much more voluptuous and sexually aggressive version Women 70 83655 nude Jennifer Coolidge. She was ultimately pounds, 5'10" tall, wore five inch heels when she began working, and was a natural blonde with blue eyes and lips which make Angelina Jolie's look thin.

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Classic Norwegian Viking extract. So Scandinavian she didn't even need to shave her pits. I Women 70 83655 nude her naturally sprout her boobs and butt, while she was also genetically gifted with perfect teeth. Lady wants nsa Clyman, she smothered me with her boobs. She was like Betty Cooper from the Archie comics on Perfection Enhancing Drugs, while the president of my former senior high school class was a sexually aggressive 5'10" version of Veronica Lodge.

I was so disappointed when I got exposed to the real world. All girls should be like those two. I could go out of control with endless fantasy choices, but that girl next door was a virtual teenage nymphomaniac version of Jennifer Coolidge's character in "2 Broke Girls. Also, when she's Wonen, she tends to a closed Women 70 83655 nude smile with narrowed eyes, looking more like a contentedly purring cat.

She's older than Lauren Graham, but looks a lot younger because she doesn't tax her face with wrinkle Women 70 83655 nude expressions. Also, my girlfriend doesn't tolerate caffeine very well, while 8365 Graham has said she's as addicted to strong coffee as her manic character on Gilmore Girls which Nued sometimes watch with the sound off because she does look so much like my girlfriend nyde her expression's neutral.

Back to 8365 Norwegian chick. We had a reunion a few years back when she visited and stayed with my parents.