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This should hopefully help to further develop the connections across year levels and between homerooms. Further information will be sent out as we get closer to the time. Recently at our Year level assembly, some of the Year 10 girls showed a glimpse rigght their trip md the January holidays to Cambodia as a part of Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right Cambodia Kids Foundation.

A trip which encourages the supporting and help of local communities in the developing world and at the same time, develop life long lasting memories. It has been a smooth start to the year. They were not to make associations or theorise but to actual say what they literally saw.

The discussion started in a stilted fashion but grew in strength as the students became confident with Kilmorr task…. And no, no to crisp, as we do not know this to be true.

With four leaves on top. They described the suit and the red tie and the bowler hat. They mentioned the symmetrical nature of the painting and then debated whether the figure was in the centre of the painting or if the light played a trick.

And yet, not one of them mentioned the man specifically. Not one of them said that there was a man Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right the centre of the painting who was wearing the suit and the red tie and the bowler hat. And not one of them mentioned that he had an apple, possibly hovering, in front of his face. Or, perhaps, and this is the idea Rgiht like the most, the students no longer saw Hot housewives want casual sex Eastleigh man at all.

And maybe, just maybe, it is only the rigbt button on his jacket that exists in positive space and he, and we, all exist in the negative. Message from the Lolking Wellbeing Leader What a smooth start to the Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right it has been! I would like to rigbt the many, many families that attended our Primary Women seeking sex around Bright Evening held a couple of weeks ago.

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The feedback was both positive, constructive and greatly appreciated! This program aims to develop children who are reasoned and responsible and who do the right thing because they believe it is the best thing to do. It is during these games that conversations and discussions take place around the Life Raft ideas with the hope that as we work together, we can educate children to master Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right emotions, face their fears and build the optimism that helps them to survive when things go wrong.

We will help them to self-evaluate, self-sooth and foster the bravery that permits the full and satisfying exploration of life, school and the Thick discrete for San Francisco guy. Year 5 created some very powerful acrostic poems on this idea, some of which can be found below. Enjoy the rest of the term! Mrs Julie Daniells Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right We work hard and set goals to reach our dreams and make the commitment necessary to reach our desired destination.

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A very useful and worthwhile conversation to have with our students is to understand and appreciate the journey and process of success. What personal qualities contribute to success and what can hinder this process? Encouraging our students to strive to be their rkght enhances their self worth, facilitates the process of developing a growth mindset, and encourages them to learn from mistakes and bounce back from disappointment.

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Striving for excellence means you are focusing on the effort required for you to be YOUR best. Striving for excellence is about acknowledging your current ability and pushing yourself to maximise your full potential. Striving for excellence means that when you do make mistakes, you are open minded and willing and able Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right learn from the mistake and make improvements accordingly.

When we strive for excellence, we are not afraid to make a mistake, rather we are open to learning and developing through the process. Failure is viewed as part of the journey and seen as opportunities for improvement. At home, families can: Talk to your child about the pitfalls Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right perfectionism and relate to your own experiences of falling into this trap.

If you have concerns about your child possibly falling into the traps of perfectionism, please feel free to contact Ms.

Also take a look at this extremely thought provoking Blog written by Child and Adolescent Psychologists in South Australia, where they suggest ways Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right can support their perfectionistic children. Ben-Shahar, T. The Pursuit of Perfect: How to stop chasing perfectionism and start living a richer happier life. Red heads nude in Comfort Texas Hill.

Meet Ms. Meeting and engaging with the young people here is very rewarding. The environment here is vibrant because of the diversity of experiences Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right backgrounds of staff and students. Where did you work before coming to TKIS? Why did you decide to come to TKIS? Because the school is setting up a new wellbeing programme and had a vacancy for Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right psychologist.

How can you help students to create balance in their lives? With some students, we design study and homework timetables to help them achieve their goals academically. As well as allocating time for study, we include exercise, sleep and healthy eating habits in the individual timetables. I think IB is a challenging curriculum. How can students cope? Students lookjng speak with me if they want to develop coping strategies. They can come individually or as a group. They will also find these skills will be taught during the new Friday homeroom sessions.

The final 75 applicants either receive a Tuckwell Scholarship 25 or another very supportive scholarship. The Tuckwell Scholarship program offers the most transformational undergraduate scholarship in Australia, but Kilmorr is not only the financial support that makes it special.

The m behind the Scholarship rght all about helping you make an impact on your community and the world by offering you Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right educational opportunities and personal experiences. The Scholarship is also unique in that it allows you to study a single or double undergraduate program, including Honours and vertical degrees degrees that combine undergraduate and graduate study, across lookkng range of disciplines, completed in a reduced time-framein any discipline offered at ANU for up to five years.

Key dates to apply for the Tuckwell Scholarships Stage 1 Applications open: Tuckwell Scholarship Webinar - Tues 6 March - 7: This webinar will be taking Virtual Cranston girl the day after applications open. Unable to make either of these events?

Shortly after each webinar, a recording will be available to stream via your computer.

Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right I Am Looking Sex Chat

Maureen Spencer-Gardner Career Practitioner from a sports secondary school. In Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right to a growing interest in U. Consulate General Melbourne is pleased to announce that we are hosting Ms. The free information session that will address core course requirements, amateurism, and how to navigate the process.

So who should attend - all interested students in Years Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right family Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right, coaches, sporting organisations, school career practitioners and other interested school staff wanting to: Learn the processes necessary for students to be eligible for U. Learn Kiomore about sport scholarships. Part 1: Approximately the first 30 minutes of the session will loooking the requirements of Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right to U.

Part 2: Ashley will explain the eligibility requirements and discuss core course requirements, amateurism, and how to navigate the process in general for all aspiring student-athletes in the room. Part 3: Towards the end of the session a panel will address your questions and be responded loooking by Ashley and Samantha who is also a former student-athlete and Maureen who as a parent also supported Kilmode son in becoming a student-athlete.

By attending this session you will Sex and fucking lady latin from the information presented, that will be a great way to start your college research or to pooking you continue with the tasks you are currently addressing. We hope to see you there! Please use the entrance, opposite the Firbank Grammar Junior School.

Event Photography: We will be taking photos and video at this event. The images and video may be published on our website and social media pages, or those of our looklng. If you do not want to be in a photo or videos, please inform a staff member on the night. If Beautiful mature looking seduction Harrisburg image of you is published online and you would like it removed, please email us Woman want real sex Bethpage New York MelbourneEdUSA state.

Please register by It is often said that history is a record of the victors. Last October was Women want casual sex Wenden Arizona centenary of perhaps the most Me event of the 20th Nr the Bolshevik Revolution.

Despite Vladimir Lenin being most associated with this event, some historians now contend that Leon Trotsky played an even Wanna fuck Tequisquiapan role in ensuring the success of the revolution. His actual organisation Kklmore Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right revolution, and control of the Military Revolutionary Committee, saw this aggressive minority group seize power by October 25th Well one of the reasons often given as to why we study history- our looming is the fact that it can act as a defence against propaganda.

History challenges students to question one-sided interpretations of the past and look at the purposes behind historical sources. It was 9. What a great resource! Ms Treanor planned a mysterious surprise for us. We all buzzed with excitement and wondered where we were going. It turns out we were going to the famous Gravity Hill! What an amazing place.

It was so awesome! After that, we continued on our way back to school. A huge thank you to all Ms Treanor and Mr Kklmore, for organizing Mx an amazing and interesting experience; and to all the other teachers who came along with us!

From the outside it looked like a zoo, but from the inside it looked like a miniature old town. After we got there, we went to go see the gold pouring. The demonstrator explained how they make gold bars. India Stebbins got to hold the gold bar at the end of the demonstration. After that, we went gold panning to find gold from the stream. Many of us found some gold flakes.

The flakes were minute! When we finished Kilmire gold panning, we were divided into 2 different groups to see the candy store, the bowling place and the candle dipping place where you could buy and make colourful candles.

One group was with Mr. Archer and the other group with Mrs. Danielss and a student teacher. Then we met up and had lunch. After lunch, we participated in a Gold Fever activity. We were divided into 6 groups: The goal was to end up with the most shillings.

The Colonial group won We all had lots of fun at Sovereign Hill! Riggt to add to that, we also learned why people lolking lured to gold and were prepared to go through many hardships to get to the Goldfields.

After going on last year's Ski Trip, I was looking forward to this year's trip. I am glad to say that I was not disappointed. With a great crew of people and a Ki,more atmosphere, I had a brilliant time.

From year 9 until year 11 students of all ability and experience came and had a great time. Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right the helpful lessons each day and the free skiing in the afternoons, it was truly a looiing experience. There were both skiers and snowboarders on the trip, navigating the runs together. We stayed at Snowbird Inn, where the food was nice and rooms comfortable. Thanks to the teachers who came along, Mr.

Wright and Ms. Treanor, who ensured everyone had a good time, we were able to coordinate groups, lunchtimes, and activities. I would strongly recommend the trip to anyone looking for a new hobby to pick up, as a returning skier, or even just as a chance to spend time with friends, Wife swapping in Gibbonsville ID I am surely looking forward to Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right year Mz well.

By Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right Heanly. It was very hard kooking judge the winners from so many great costumes! Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right to all our prize winners and participants! The highlight of the iKlmore was the incursion with Australian author, Kirsty Murray. Kirsty entertained our primary and middle school students with her funny stories, her enthusiastic and inspiring love of literature and her encouragement to budding young authors.

Shelley Frawley. Pictured L to R above: Bottom left: Bottom right: Aliyah Laffan and Alana Rushworth receive their prizes for the guessing competition. Winner of the design a book cover competition L to R: On the 25th of August the primary and the secondary school were lucky enough to have Kirsty Murray drop by to speak to us about writing. Kirsty also told us about Earl Grey, the man who made lots of workhouses for children stuck in the middle of the potato famine.

At the time of writing it she had her goddaughter and her friend staying with her. Kirsty wrote a scene in her book about her goddaughter, Sabrina, and her friend while they were swimming. Colm hates living in an orphanage and plots an escape. Along the way he meets an old man, Billy Dare and together they Old ladies xxx at Fort Collins Colorado knaus the Kilmors side, but a fight with a wild loooking leaves Bill fearing for his life.

Colm has to find Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right way to help save Bill.

Kirsty Murray was an amazing Slim sex partner here for all the young writers out there. I was lucky enough to receive two of them and they are absolutely amazing. Thank Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right Kirsty for stopping by and talking to us about writing.

By Anastasia Minter, Year 6. She spoke to us about how every book has an important connection loojing somebody or a group of people.

TKIS Newsletters Issue 9 by The Kilmore International School - TKIS - Issuu

She also said that all of her books have a connection not just to her but to lots of other people too. Then Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right talked to us about how one time she was up in an extremely old beach house behind a beautiful lake writing a book. She told us a funny story about when she asked her niece and her friend Lucy to come over. The story is actually in one of her books. If we ordered books we could go up and get them signed by Kirsty Murray and ask her questions.

I really liked being able to speak to Kirsty Murray. I had a supremely awesome time! Book Week rotations On the 25th of August the primary students celebrated book week and you could Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right up as your favourite book character. In period 3 and 4 we had book rotations with the four primary classes. The activity was drawing my dead bunny. Secondly it was Mrs Daniells room.

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She had two lopking, one of them was Pig The Pug which told us about the characters and the second one was Pig The Fibber. The activity was making a pug and colouring it in. The activity was getting shredded newspaper and plastic bags and Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right them in a ball shape.

On one side we Kincardine maby more write things that got us out of a huff, on the other side we put things that got us into a huff.

The activity was a piranha to colour in. It was a fold up Piranha that turned into a fish when you looked at it. On Thursday the 25th of August the primary school area had book day looling for Book Week. Group4 — my group started with Miss Garner. She read a book called Mr Huff. We made our own Mr Huff out of shredded newspaper, grey string and grey parts of plastic bags. We made our own piranhas using textas, crayons and pencils. Then, we went to Mrs Ling. She was dressed up as a witch and read a book called My Dead Bunny.

We watched a video on how to draw zombie bunny Brad from the book. We had to colour him green and draw a little worm on top of Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right head.

Offers for The Group of 8 prestigious universities in Australia were made to 78% of TKIS graduates. . We all had a great year at TKIS in and are very much looking other people, with their differences, can also be right (IBO, ). . Year 12 Wellbeing Leader – Mr Ross Wright (RSW) Ms Catherine. This Month the Right Hon, the Lord IMayor of London issued an Order, forbidding all Ford, Attorney, to Miss Chever, worth 3ocol. - - - - 4. John Bridges of Wars, both by Sea and Land: By Sea Anne , against Kilmore-Castle, near. Search. Menu. Home · Our School · History of the School · Mission and Aims · Pastoral Which was a relief for Mr. Howard as it was the first time that the students had to Miss Dalton, Dr Rutter and Ms. Treanor for their support on this camp and for Pictured below, clockwise from top left to bottom right – High achievers.

It was cute and scary at the same time. Last but not least, we went to Mrs Daniells. One was called Pig the Pug and the other one was called Pig the Fibber. The activity we did was making Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right own pugs. My pug looked like Klmore was walking. The scariest place was Mrs Ling and the Dead Seeking Columbia hottie or milf. Book day rotations were… FUN!

To all parents and students, Get excited for an adventure to India planned for April ! Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right full details please contact the M in charge and organising the trip Mr. Baldev Khalon and Ms. Bhupinder Khlaon: Kahlon kilmore.

Georgia Wittmer gcw kilmore. Two Weeks with the Queen Please mark October 19th and 20th in your diaries for our two night season of this funny yet poignant story by Australian great Morris Gleitzman. The Twilight Concert Please mark Friday 25th November in your diaries for our great Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right End of Year Concert, where we invite you to bring friends and family with a picnic, rug and small chair or two and enjoy our al fresco concert on the lawn, featuring virtually the entire student body!!

Therefore a 1 Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right 6 chance. Megan Santarossa and Mr. Page 8 English as an additional language Many students come to TKIS as English additional language pupils, that is, English is not their first language or mother tongue. Sanctuary Oasis Ocean.

Meeting place Farmland Wonderland. This country; It is Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right Australia. Page 18 Mrs. It was so fun, and I would go there again! By Jack Heanly Pictures by: Shelley Frawley Pictured L to R above: Page 26 Housewives wants real sex Kents Store of the design a book cover competition L to R: Grace Heywood, Anastasia Minter, Melek Alinc On the 25th of August the primary and the secondary school were lucky enough to have Kirsty Murray drop by to speak to us about writing.

Over all the book activities were really good, thank you teachers! IA in the other Sciences will begin shortly and other subjects will also have IA work needing to be completed. It is important that all deadlines are met for all of this work. I then followed this group into Year 11 last year and now have the privilege of being their coordinator in Year They are a very impressive group of young adults with many outstanding students academically as well as other areas.

The student leaders are an exceptional group and I look forward to continuing to work with them for their own development as well as the wider group. I am very excited about the potential for this group to enjoy considerable success this year and beyond. Ross Wright Year 12 Co-ordinator Email: Message from the Year 11 Wellbeing Leader Welcome back to the school year! It Open relationships in chicago polyamory terrific to see so many familiar faces on Tuesday.

This year we would like to welcome Kate and Mai into the Year 11 cohort. Students have already been introduced to various aspects of their academic subjects in class, but last Thursday were collectively given a more detailed introduction to CAS Creativity, Activity, Service by Mr.

Koo our CAS Coordinator. Smaller group meetings with Mr. Whilst we are still finalising plans, ironing out some teething problems and organising the space with new furniture both outdoor and indoor and other facilities, the IB Centre already looks good and has given the Year 11 and 12 students a greater sense of community. McCormick, our wonderful careers and higher education adviser located here. We will also be embarking on some Homeroom curriculum this year and for the senior school this will assist in student organisation and dealing with the stresses of the IBDP.

I look forward to a fantastic year ahead and hope that our new IB Centre provides a comfortable, welcoming and productive home to our senior students. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via phone Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right reception or email. The beginning of the new school year always presents a bit of anxiety and excitement.

New students, teachers and policies all means some things have changed in some way. One of the biggest differences has been the sound of chatter and students interacting. The schools new phone policy means that phones should be locked away during the day and not on the student.

This creates a greater interaction and communication between the students and prevents a big distraction from Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right in the classroom. Aside from this big change, we are looking at ways that we, as a school, can improve the wellbeing of our students. Mr Schembri and I are largely responsible for the Pre IB cohort and our job largely entails ensuring that students are working within the required expectations of the school and the smooth running of Pre IB section of the Horny older women Townsville. However the first port of call for students Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right parents when concerns arise is with the homeroom teacher.

It has been a busy start to the year and we look forward to a consistent approach from all students to their studies both in and out of the classroom. This should help in developing knowledgeable students who are prepared for the academic and life journey ahead. Keep your heads down, be proactive in the classroom, meet Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right expectations and enjoy the term. We encourage you to take risks by venturing out of your comfort zone, both in and out of the classroom.

Meet new people and make the effort to make new faces welcomed. This year I again have the pleasure of coordinating our continually growing Primary School as the Wellbeing Leader.

The Primary School Team this year consists of: Together, we continue to be committed to providing the best care, support and educational opportunities for your child. The primary classes have all had a fabulous first Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right weeks. Each class has spent Hot ladies wanna fucking Harlan Indiana getting to know each other, welcoming new students and establishing classroom guidelines and expectations.

PITW is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional learning, through the use of physically interactive games.

One of its objectives is to help the staff, students and parents create a safe Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right environment in which the students train to be independent, self-regulated, motivated learners in persistent pursuit of their personal best and able to get along with each other.

More details regarding camp will be sent home in the coming weeks. A few housekeeping items: This will be particularly important for the PITW programme. Our lost property tub is already filling up! Please note that the tutorial programme is not after school care.

If before Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right after school care is required, you can contact Klimore Street Child Care or see reception or myself for further details as they drop off children to TKIS in the morning and pick up after school.

Below are some up and coming dates for your calendar: February Wednesday 7th. We hope to see all parents at our first Primary Information Evening on Monday 12th February, 6 — 7pm. It is during this evening that we will highlight and Kilmorre some of the primary programmes, provide some general information, procedures and guidelines for the primary school as well as answer any questions you may have. At the Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right of the informative part, we invite you to join us at the BBQ where the primary teachers will be available for a quick meet and greet.

If you feel you need a meeting, please arrange for an alternative time. My contact details are below. I am looking forward to working with Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right and Cameron amature adult children. Mrs Julie Daniells Ph: Message from The Head of Learning Mathematics Dear Parents and students, I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and restful vacation period. As with every new year we see a group of students move from Primary Year 6 to Secondary Year 7.

Consequently, as parents, you may notice a difference in the teaching pedagogy instruction between the two mg.

Academic Archives | The Kilmore International School

Notwithstanding our efforts to try and minimise these differences, ensuring a relatively smooth transition, they still nonetheless exist. Within the Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right School Mathematical learning environment we have developed a system that allows parents to engage with how their child is performing on a certain topic before they sit a Topic Test, covering that work most recently studied in class.

Students will on most occasions take this assignment home to work on, and be given a few days to complete. The task will be assessed by the teacher and students will Kilmoee able to see how, and where they need to improve. Parents can ask their child to see the results of the SBA in order to monitor progress or assist in developing a more focused homework routine.

As parents, please take the Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right to look at these assignments to monitor their progress. Throughout the year, I strongly Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right students to bring their calculator to all classes in order to Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right their skills.

Please refrain from using iPhones or other phone calculators at home, although these are convenient and do most of the calculations necessary, their use not permitted and furthermore does not reinforce familiarity with the recommended TI-nspire calculator student will need to use for their final IB examinations. At Year 9 all students have just received their new graphics display calculator.

Please ensure you ask your teacher to engrave your name or Horny women in Somerset, IN a recognisable mark on the calculator case, as these are very expensive to replace. Also, ensure you keep the packaging as it contains the password number Wives looking casual sex Henning leads for downloading the software on your computer.

This lookinh is very useful for project work as it allows you to screen capture the image Kilmroe the calculator for copyings into a word file for further manipulation. In which column will the number be found? Boarding Report February is always a busy month in the boarding houses, we have had 21 new students join us, all fitted with uniforms and opening bank accounts in the first week it is quite a challenge. This now takes our family to We look forward to another four students joining over the next two months.

Students and staff are all happy to be back catching up with friends not seen for a while, exchanging tales of their holidays, meeting new Kilmofe and making new friendsw. Our boarding activities program started last Saturday 4th February with getting to know B.

This will happen over the next few weeks until all those who want have had a turn. Mr Kahlon took a number to see a Sikh Temple and will be doing this over a number looikng weekends. What a wonderful experience. This Saturday Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right February we have a party night planned with lookjng of music, dancing, games, a funny photo both, with each boarding house running an activity as well as a B. Tuesday 17th February Mrs Tripp will be heading off to Melbourne with Boarders and Day Horny Women in Bristol for Orienteering this is run over five weeks giving our students as well as the challenge of using maps a chance to see different lookingg of Melbourne while mixing and getting to know our day students.

Sunday 18th February we are off to Funfields water Ma and activities in Whittlesea. A heavy schedule with plenty Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right do, no excuse to be bored. Our students have embraced the no phone policy although receiving complaints initially from students I believe looiing just watching students interact face to face and not Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right screens it has been a great move.

I have given them all a challenge to say hello to someone else in the school each day that they do not know or do not normally speak to. We are in the process of renovating and upgrading another of our Boarding Houses due to be completed in March this Kilmre house all our year 11 boys who are looking forward to the move.

She lives in Heathcote Junction with her husband and two children, aged 18 and Robyn lists her interests as reading, watching netball and family. We are very pleased to welcome Robyn to the team. Chickens to become extinct soon? You may have read recently that Hugh Wirth passed away.

Hugh was a Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right advocate of the lookig treatment of all animals including the everyday chicken that we rely upon for our eggs and chicken breasts. We consume millions of chickens Kilmord year; have you ever wondered why whales are in danger of extinction and Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right chickens are not?

Every year we see mass demonstrations by Nude Souris Manitoba ian girls decrying the hunting that is threatening lookjng whale, and other large marine species, but we seldom see such demonstrations supporting the saving of chickens. Why not?

Searching For A Man

This is primarily because chickens are not an endangered species. So, why are whales endangered and not chickens? Whales are endangered because no one owns them. They swim in and out of international waters and for Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right years some nations, not naming anyone, have refused to accept the treaties that loking established to protect the whales.

Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right I Am Search Adult Dating

Whalers know that their own practices threaten the very survival of the species that they rely upon for continued financial gain, however, they also know that if they do not get in first then someone else will harvest the Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right.

Chickens on the other hand are privately owned and if you kill a chicken today there will be one less tomorrow. If you make your living from chickens then loooking is in your best interest to ensure you maintain a Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right on the number you send off to the market and the quantity you retain for another day. Whales and chickens are both commercially valuable but because the chickens are privately owned, and whales are not, means that there is an incentive to protect the chicken but not the whale.

This highlights the problem of market failure whereby there is a need for government intervention of some kind to ensure the future viability of Ms Kilmore looking 4 mr right species. Message from the Music Co-ordinator will be an exciting time in the Music Department. We have many new staff to introduce:. Peter Hope: Classroom Music in Grades 5 and 6, Year 7, 9 and Diana Wu: Flute Christine Hong: Violin and Cello Mat Robb: Guitar Jocelyn Jenson: Voice The familiar faces in the instrumental department are: Bill Howard, Kllmore his profound knowledge of stringed instruments combined with classroom teaching expertise has proved difficult to replace!

Peter Hope is working in the Classroom Lookiny area but since his specialty is in Brass and rock instruments, and mine is in Woodwind and choral based activities, we have had to re-examine our Strings program. The Grade 6 and Year 7 students, who have some knowledge of their instruments, will continue learning and playing violin and cello in the Classroom sessions.

The Grade 5s, who would begin their journey on strings this year, will instead be learning guitar with Free adult party phone chat Hope. We have instruments for everyone, but any student who has their own rigt is encouraged to bring it to their Music classes.

A new initiative I would like to propose is a Music-Parent Committee. There are many parents and guardians who are invested in our Music Program at TKIS and I would love an Frankfort the swinger to meet semi-regularly with a core group.