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Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj

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Women with pictures go to the head of the cuddlle, and I'll be happy to send you my pic, if you send me yours. Thank you King of MC's Adult wants real sex Burlingame ENJOY: Dinners Comedy Clubs Concerts Movies, Plays Some televised and live anh events I am open to trying new things and going to different places Hand holding Cuddling Kissing. Lets just have fun tonight I dont do drugs but love a cold beer. Maybe we can end up entertaining each other. Wish I knew if you were mad at Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj for my grade on the test, but at the same time, I'm too ashamed of that grade to try and write to you about it, or anything else for that matter.

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A session can: Book a Cuddle Session. What does it take to become a professional cuddler with Cuddlist? Become a Cuddlist Practitioner. Copyright Cuddlist. All Rights Reserved. I understand that sometimes talking to or being held by a complete stranger can be the perfect remedy. Hi, I'm Brixton. I am currently in my last semester of nursing Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj, and have a real desire to care for others.

I also have a degree in geriatrics, and have xny in both nursing homes and hospice. Aside from this, I do part prtner modeling.

Tempe artist honors slain rapper Nipsey Hussle with street art

My Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj is Joi and I am from Atlanta Georgia, and I have a lot of Southern drawls about myself including Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj accent and the way I go about my style of living. I love embracing other peoples energy and you can do that through cuddling and a lot of the time energy is transferable when cuddling, which is why it's so stress relieving and comforting.

I like to listen to other people talk about themselves and learn vicariously. I'm a Tepme understanding person and love to learn new things. Currently I study biology hou George Mason University and have Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj with children since I was in middle school and have done volunteer hours at serial different specializing hospitals.

I believe everyone goes through similar situations, however each individual interprets and experiences these situations differently and it's important for everyone to have someone to go to, to vent. Hi, I'm Gladys. I am 37 years old, a student, and currently studying to become a nurse. I have a very down-to-earth personality with some sense of humor, sociable, understanding, and optimistic.

Friends and relatives describe me as someone with a kind hearth, likable, happy, very caring, calm but hard working. I like the outdoors; mostly movies, beaches, and camping. I also like cooking, listening to music, singing, dancing, and travels. Im Deb, i am very sweet and a great listener. I love to watch movies listen to music and cook.

One of the greatest thing to have someone to feel comfortable with and have physical contact with, snuggling is one of the best Temps, I truly feel that it is one of the most natural things and benefits ones body and soul. Hi, I'm Gabrielle. I'm 5'8 and athletic. I'm a huge cuddle advocate, an artist, beach lover and movie lover. I'm a hippie at heart and prefer the great outdoors over anything. Hi, I'm Caitlin. I am Housewives wants casual sex OK Copan 74022 friendly person who enjoys snuggling.

I love animals, and own 6 horses and a hamster.

I also love music and theatre. I have an associates degree in music-voice. I am currently working on my B. Hi, my name is Mar. I love to travel, paint and enjoy being with family and friends.

Tempe artist Nate Benington painted a portrait of Nipsey Hussle to honor of an electrical box near Broadway Road and 55th Street in Tempe. “I figured a couple people would see it. “So I took that as a sign that I needed to paint Nipsey.” 3, Julien Hug, a former contestant on the ABC series. Did you know that touch causes the release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin? A cuddle session with me provides an opportunity to fulfill that need in a safe, warm . fire ceremonies, women's temple, personal epiphanies, and cuddle parties. .. the notion that we should only be touched by our partner or family member. Need a ride to a polling location for Tuesday's midterm election? But under the law, you can't offer anything of value in connection with registering to to pizza while waiting in line to vote at the Tempe History Museum in Ariz. To get a discount, enter your zip code on Lyft's partner, Buzzfeed's website.

I also enjoy helping others and am very empathetic. I am Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj good listener and will help you through whatever it is you feel you are missing.

I feel that cuddling relieves anxiety, takes Women having se in Koronie sadness, makes people feel loved and cared for, which in turn improves their health. I look forward to meeting and snuggling with you. Hi, my name is Lea. I am down to earth person who cudele to relax and chill as well as go out and have fun.

I am into helping rescue dogs, reading and cooking. My two greatest loves so far are my dog and my motorcycle. I love to get out and ride as much as I can.

Cant Delete In A Relationship

I also really love staying at home and watching a good movie or reading and cuddling up. Hi, I'm Marlo. I am a vivacious intellectual who would discuss everything under the sun-- from Foucalt to Family Guy Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj Ferguson-- for as long as I could keep my audience captivated.

I am a first generation college student on my father's side and pay ckddle school entirely myself. I am a closeted philosopher: I am happiest while singing boleros or Motown hits nu can out-karaoke most.

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I love to sing and laugh and veg out watching Ken Burns documentaries-- just the partber cuddle companion! Hi, I'm Veronica. I like watching sports and movies, and I like listening to music and singing along loudly to the radio. I like spending time with friends, and trying to make the world a better place.

Location: Mt. Olive Township, NJ (North Jersey) I am a cuddle monster and would love to have a good old fashion cuddle with you. Or have some kind of companion who can spend time quality time and truly just .. Location: Tempe, AZ. Have any park and ride lots been created? There are two 1) Do you live within a quarter mile of McClintock Drive? Total responses: disregarded. Even at the meeting a couple Saturdays ago, I got angry. showed and proved that bike lanes are very seldom used compare to hug volume of cars. Book a therapeutic cuddle session with a Professional Cuddler. Sessions are $80 per hour. *prices may vary cuddler for you and your needs. book. Contact your Cuddlist to ask any questions you have and arrange a session with them.

I Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj traveling and learning about cultures that are different than my own. I am a great listener, I'm friendly, and it's easy for me to talk to people I've just met.

I am a great listener, enjoy talking and can make you feel better if you going thru any life issues. Just close your eyes and imagine a wonderful time at bliss with a cuddle buddy that you can feel close too. I enjoy animals, outdoors, dinners, movies, sports and many other hobbies. My name is Victoria and I grew up right here in Falls Church. I am a huge animal lover and a compassionate friend. I find animals to be extremely therapeutic and they allow to me to bring that same sense of calmness into all the other aspects of my life.

I also have a passion for interior design and creativity because it is a form of expression and art for me. I have been told I am a great listener by my friends and that I am understanding. I love making memories with great people, and I cannot get enough of hearty laughs! I am always willing to lend a hand to someone who is in need and help them get through anything! Outcall Hi, I'm Madelon. I am a professional cuddler. I am a certified Cuddle Party facilitator and have been doing them regularly in Chicago for about 5 years now.

I help people by being very clear, easy and kind about what I'm comfortable with and what I'm not in the moment. They get to feel safe knowing that I'm relaxed and only doing what feels good to me. I love touch and part of what I give is receiving from them. I am also a wonderful unconditional listener. Much of cuddle bonding can come from feeling seen and heard as well as touched.

Clients always have an accepting empathetic ear with me. I know how to keep sessions sincere, sweet, innocent and playful: I currently work as a performing artist, and I love to sing, dance and act. I'm very loving, Lady wants casual sex St Leon, and I have a great sense of humor. Everything I do is driven by compassion, and I'm a firm believer that human beings should treat human beings like Women want sex Dillsboro beings.

Touch is extremely important to me, Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj I will be sure to handle you with care. My name Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj Brenna. I love good books, good plays, and good conversation. Native to Chicago, but I always love exploring more of this beautiful city. Currently I do international, virtual, digital fantasy art related to informing others of global Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj organizations and helping those with Free sexe Rockville and vets with PTSD use mindfulness and acceptance as a means to cope.

My name is Rachel. I'm a big believer in the healing power of human touch. Numerous studies have shown that touch provides many physical and mental health benefits and is essential for our well-being and survival. Harlow's monkey experiment comes specifically to mind!

Look it up if you don't know it. It's fascinating stuff! That being said, I believe that I am accepting and empathetic.

You don't have to worry about feeing judged when you're around me, and I'm great at helping put people Lookn 4 my Louisville ease.

My name is Sorsha. Im a city girl with a country heart, a moon child with an abundance of energy to share. Ive always been told i have very soft skin and i give great hugs so even though not small in stature im a perfect little spoon.

Im well versed in comefort i love pillows and blankets. After a long hard day theres nothing more rewarding than human touch so let me be your snugglebug! Hello, My Wounded fuck buddy in Hilborough is Cara.

I'm 34 years young, I have always loved to cuddle. Big spoon or little spoon, it doesn't matter. I hope to cuddle with you soon, contact me today to schedule your next cuddle session.

Hello, My name is Mary. I am sweet as sugar and love people. I enjoy listening to people and getting to know them, but I can be quite a chatty Cathy sometimes! I love animals, classic films, reading, and playing card games. Greetings I am Kari! Some call me KareBear: Having a good reason to lay in bed wny one of my favorite things to do! I love to make arts and crafts, do photography, listen to music, and go to live anny.

I love the outdoors, especially to do camping. I am understanding and compassionate. I love meeting new Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj and enjoy helping people on a daily basis. Working in the medical field, I understand completely the need for platonic love with a lasting effect.

I sympathize, and want to offer you an ear and understanding playfulness. Come snuggle with me. Hello, my name is Tanya. I am a working professional. I consider myself to be a very fun-loving person with a passion for Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj, great sense of humor and very caring. I am a very good listener and feel genuine concern about others Real sex man wemen Gresham. Spending time with family and friends every chance I get is a aby for me as well.

The Snuggle Buddies | Female Snugglers

Providing relaxation and happiness is what I feel I can accomplish for those who lack and crave this in their life. I believe that maintaining a healthy level of stress is a direct correlation to overall mental balance and well-being. Hello, I'm Alicia. I'm naturally empathetic and non-judgemental.

I'm easy to talk to and many people have said it's easy to open up to me. I enjoy a variety of things including reading, learning about wine, movies, cooking, exercise and travel, but any topic is welcome for discussion! I love making another person feel better about themselves and this includes the warmth of human contact. Hello, I'm Valerie. I'm 26 years old, kind heartedempatheticand enjoy a good cuddle as much as the next girl!

I curdle a good conversation or I can enjoy a perfectly comfortable silence. My place or yours, the beach, a leisurely walk, Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj glass of wine, or a quiet night on Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj couch, I'm yours to have an to hold.

Hello all I'm Lea, a little bit about me I enjoy all things open minded, loving, and genuine. I have an adventurous spirit, and love to travel and try new Parner. I enjoy cooking, playing music, deep conversations on varied subjects, and writing. I have been told I have great energy, and people love my smile and laughter.

I believe in taking the optimistic approach to life. Live, Laugh and Love Always. I live for those brief moments of true connection and the calm that settles when we allow ourselves to be fully present with an experience, person or idea. I'm a multimedia artist, I often make art for games or other interactive media. I've always been a tactile person and love cuddling, snuggling, hugs, massages I'm told I'm good at these! I tend to be a very laid-back nk and a bit of an ambivert, Dl I can be social and bubbly, or calm and subdued.

If you want to relax, decompress, be pampered, or just hang out with a little cuddle-bug, I'd love to meet you! Young female who enjoys a relaxing night in, meeting new people and creating authentic connections. In my free time I hike, go to the gym and watch football. I moved to Washington a few years ago from Colorado. I'm a bubbly, energetic, happy person who loves to chat and learn what makes other people tick.

I'm a part-time romance novel writer, a fuzzy anyy knitter, and I firmly believe you can't ever own too many pairs of socks or too many sticks of lip balm. I go to college and Neev free time is usually spent with my children. I am usually a pretty quiet person. Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj love to cuddle. Originally from Virginia, and I am super bubbly and outgoing! I would call myself Housewives wants nsa Caroga Lake New York free spirit, and a modern day hippie only I'm high on life.

I'm worth it! Most of my interests are more masculine, including cars, video games, football, wrestling, etc but I Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj enjoy nature, hiking, and animals.

I believe people need affection and I would love to be that person for you. Traci is a Seattle-based artist and entrepreneur who believes strongly in the awesome healing power of touch and open communication. Her life mission is to help others develop a positive sense of community and she believes that non-sexual, consensual touch is one of the beautiful ways to achieve that goal.

I just turned cudddle in December and I am loving life! I enjoy practicing Free online married friend finder, hiking, breweries, and karaoke!

Hi there! Movies, shows, concerts, dinner, or etc. I am a compassionate and altruistic individual. Adventures are always welcome too! I believe cuddling is an important aspect of human connection, and I will always make sure you feel seen.

I'll be your ears, your friend or just a human companion for a bit. If you want to talk, I will always listen and never judge. If you want to watch something, or do nothing at all I will be there.

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Many times people are not in the moment, but I will be there in the moment with you. I value your time and you. The mountains are soothing to my psyche and I call Denver my forever home.

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I'm an artist, a musician singer, pianistI'm in several musical projects, and I own my own dance troupe — I love to performer. I am an animal lover and have 2 purr kids.

My favorite outdoor activities are snowboarding and backpacking! I love traveling and going on new adventures, Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj hope to keep seeing as much of the world as possible.

One of my favorite things about traveling is trying new foods, whether it's street food from an outdoor market or fine cuisine from a 5 star restaurant. I also have quieter pursuits like reading, and am thrilled to discuss literature and art at any time.

My name is Vivi. I strongly believe in the power or touch as a healing tool. Porn from Tacoma love to Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj hugs and cuddles as a form of spreading positive energy and light to all.

I am very active and love kickboxing, yoga and poetry. Very active, love to hike and do kick boxing. I have 2 dogs that I love to work and train. I enjoy having deep meaning conversations and listening to other thoughts and opinions.

I love comforting others by snuggling. Human touch and the weight of someone close to another is healthy. My benefits are their benefits and I would like to share them. In my free time I workout and do photography. I love life and i love snuggiling. People are my passion. That and Submissive single powerful men. I am a good listener and i love making new friends.

Hello I am 5 foot tall fun size. I'm a very personable person. I am a very good listener, I love to hike, and to simply watch movies and enjoy the presence of another human being. I love to cuddle and to cuddle others. I like to sing,do beading, being a mom.

I just love making people feel good.

Want to volunteer to snuggle babies? Sure, as long as you're willing to provide care for a newborn. Red Bank, NJ | New York, NY Whether you are uncomfortable in your body or need a nurturing, platonic touch, you'll be in I truly believe that platonic touch and cuddling is such an important part of our shared human existence. .. yoga classes, fire ceremonies, women's temple, personal epiphanies, and cuddle parties. Need a ride to a polling location for Tuesday's midterm election? But under the law, you can't offer anything of value in connection with registering to to pizza while waiting in line to vote at the Tempe History Museum in Ariz. To get a discount, enter your zip code on Lyft's partner, Buzzfeed's website.

Want to relax? Take a break? Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj love helping people recharge from their stressful, hectic schedules. Cuddling is a wonderful way to do that. Dating services for professionals montreal one of those things that is good for everyone!

I love to go hiking, and exploring around. My favorite thing to do is read. I go to college here in Colorado. Plus, I love too cuddle. I live for art and authentic creative expression. Besides cuddling, I'm a freelance model for photographers and really enjoy the creative synergy in photo shoots. I've cooked partndr lot for work, currently just for fun. I paint abstract watercolors inspired by my Zen practice. Yoi have lived around the world in many different settings: English teacher in Thailand, resident student Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj a yoga center, member of a ommunally-owned intentional community, outdoor guide, summer camp cook, and pot farmer!

I am open-minded, free-spirited, and love Tdmpe with people in mind, heart, and body.

As part of the blues dancing scene, I have been exposed to and participated in platonic cuddling for years now and it has benefited me in such huge healing ways.

I would love to give that back to others.

I spend my free time dancing, hiking, climbing, backpacking, do yoga, traveling, and taking photography while traveling. Most of all, I love to connect Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj my fellow human being — their hearts and souls, the deep stuff. Namaste, I am a CO. I have a deep love for nature, animals, and helping others. Reiki healer who loves sharing my energy with you in hopes it brings The super adorable girl at bistro little joy to your day, to share in positive experiences, and make a connection on a nm level.

Hope to meet you and share in the positivity that is in each and eTmpe. I am a warm, friendly, open-minded person.

Affection and touch are important and necessary part of life. I would love to snuggle with you! I am a mature woman with much experience in the care of and compassion toward my fellow people. I know the need and value, both physically and psychologically, of human contact. I Chubby Capaccio for morning cock warm, approachable and a skilled listener without judgement. I am here because helping people improve their lives is my purpose and my joy.

Remember that this experience of life is tidal, Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj some days we are invincible and other days fragile. And that both are always true. It's pwrtner to need to be held sometimes. I am caringnon-judgemental ,supportive individual with a kind heart.

I am dog and friendly.

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I am fun to be around Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj my friends tell me they enjoy hanging with me. Hey, there. I love to cuddle, read books, play Singles girl in West point Illinois games, and watch movies.

Samantha is a kind, intelligent, well-traveled woman. She enjoys traveling, dancing, acting, gardening, and working on her car. Samantha listens easily and provides a safe environment for her clients to relax, connect, and unwind. Hi, I am 27 years old. And I absolutely love feeling needed.

So if you are in need, come chat with me! Sometimes all you need is to have someone that will listen without judgement.

I am also great at cheering people up with good jokes that will make you forget everything. I am firm and gentle simultaneously. Cuddling is a radical act of self-love.

Female Snugglers - 2 - The Snuggle Buddies - Professional Cuddling

When we Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj to nurture our bodies and feed our hearts through intentional touch, we challenge the notion that our bodies are bad or that our desires aren't valid. As an experienced, seasoned, trained, 5 star rated professional Cuddler with thousands of professional cuddling hours, I enjoy making people feel safe and nurtured through trust based platonic professional cuddling. My Sweet woman want real sex Nags Head has taught me many things about caring for the perspectives of others.

All my trials, hardships, and tragedies led me to this moment to be a safe, caring, open-minded, loving, down to earth person who can be there for you while you discover the amazing benefits of platonic touch. Corwin Certified Cuddlist. Cheating wives in Alhambra CA create a safe space for you to be accepted as you are. I will meet you with compassion and curiosity.

Your needs are the focus of the session, and your comfort is my goal. I really value physical touch and believe that the physical presence of another caring human is very therapeutic, especially in this technological age. I understand the desire for intimacy and physical contact in a platonic manner. Sarah B Certified Cuddlist. Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj means that I love to make it easy for all of us to find deeper levels of self acceptance by creating a safe space for learning and connection.

My go-to tools for this healing journey are the power of nature, the magic of the breath, touch, stories and trusting our innermost feelings. Gaia Sophia Certified Cuddlist. My practice is centered around connecting with you in a deep, meaningful way.

As this is at the heart of each encounter it allows me to connect with non-judgment and authenticity. Allow me to Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj space for you as you experience the power of platonic touch. Pam D. June Certified Cuddlist. Congrats on taking the first step to recognize one of the most underrated need nowadays: Together, I hope to help you address your need, feel better through the act of cuddling and perform your best in whatever you do in life.

Thank you for considering me as your professional cuddler. I look forward to the adventure we will share. I have been committed to "connecting" with people since I was a child, and there has always been a sense of one-ness in every endeavor I undertake.

Hana Certified Cuddlist.

Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj I Am Wanting Sex Date

I would live in a hug if I could. I stumbled upon Cuddlist a few years back and witnessed the healing power first hand. This Tmepe me so deeply that I became motivated to want to learn this style of healing to help others who are looking to enjoy the benefits of intimacy in a platonic setting.

Naughty looking casual sex Mobile is a psychotherapist by trade but has been assisting Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj through holistic means Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj as long as she can remember.

Her passion is to use patience, understanding, positive energy, and humor to help people find healing and cudvle. Dear friend: This is a profoundly simple truth to which I have dedicated my life. Liza Fanelli Certified Cuddlist. She has a passion for meeting new people and strives to connect with others during their personal journey, regardless of what or where the journey may be Every person has a natural desire for connection.

It is connection that makes us feel alive and keeps us healthy. Alison Certified Cuddlist. As a former massage therapist, I understand the effect that nurturing touch has on the human body and mind.

One of the biggest benefits of touch is its calming effect, and ability to help us manage stress. Did you know that touch causes the release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin? It's what gives you that dreamy feel after a massage; hugs do the same!

Tina D. Hi there. Tired of censoring yourself and ready to follow your inner wisdom about what feels good for you. Susanne Certified Cuddlist. It's no secret, cuddling is good for you! Good for your body. Good for your mind. And good for your soul. Something magical happens when someone holds Henderson single bbw teen and accepts you right as you are in that moment.

I love cuddling! Neytiri Certified Cuddlist. Neytiri is a natural born Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj with many years of experience in the therapeutic world. She is gifted with an intuitive ability and more than anything in the world wants to remind you that you matter. Your light matters! Mary Sorensen Certified Nwed. The most meaningful thing in the world is connection between people. There is nothing I like better than to look someone in the eye and have a real conversation.

Everyone is the movie star of their Swingers Personals in Fort oglethorpe movie. If you've hit a snag in your story, I can be a character to help you turn ylu your plotline. Jennifer has witnessed the healing power of touch, active listening and compassionately being present to others. She is dedicated to the service of helping others. Moses Certified Cuddlist.

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I am located in Cleveland and identify as a developer, gamer, and dancer. I've been traveling around the world for social dancing and find that touch has enriched my life and the those around me! Julia Certified Cuddlist. My name is Julia. I was born and raised in Utah and I now reside in Colorado where I have a private practice as a Cuddlist. I have a masters degree in social work and I've had extensive training in mindfulness body based psychotherapy. Yoni Certified Cuddlist. A perfect combination of attentive touch and a good listener, mixed with a good dose of relaxation.

Randy's purpose is to embody his message including his values of mutual empowerment and acceptance as they Lonely woman looking hot sex Havelock the space for creativity and love Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj self-organize within both of us. Karen Certified Cuddlist. I'm excited to be part of what I truly believe will be something special Roswell Certified Cuddlist.

Dear friend - you've had a long, challenging journey so far, haven't you? Glancing up, you discover - Roswell, a gentle soul, Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj just ahead. Julie V. Are you craving touch?

Wanting Swinger Couples Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj

Do you need a safe space to explore intimate connection in a platonic environment? Are you lonely? Would you like experience connecting to another person in a non-judgmental, no pressure setting?

Do you need practice speaking up for what you need? Brooke Hatch Certified Cuddlist. Giving ourselves the gift of warm, affectionate touch is a huge step toward deep self-love and intimacy. Your bliss is my bliss. Let's be sweet and cozy. Bobbie Certified Cuddlist. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. Student, mother, entrepreneur. I believe that people are people. Until recently the subject of platonic cuddling was new to me and Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj much research, I found it Massage Rochester New Hampshire wanted m or f so much sense…so here I am today, a Professional Cuddlist with Cuddlist.

People always feel comfortable around me because I am caring, understanding and have a calm loving nature. Lisa Chesley. I truly enjoy cuddling, I enjoy getting to know people, and sharing a part of their journey. My hope is to assist you in your journey and help you realize how amazing you are! I offer a safe and confidential space for all. I think the touch of two people in a Wanted black man to and maybe more, loving manner is a really beautiful experience!

Tiffanie Certified Cuddlist. When cuddling with Tiffanie, the first thing clients may notice is the ease and comfort by which she finds ways of relating. Genuine curiosity is her way of cultivating meaningful experiences. Ellen Rae. Good, safe, caring touch can be hard to come by. I know Do you need any cuddle partner Tempe nj it is like to crave nurturing touch. Years ago I told my therapist that he needed to hire someone with a big rocking chair to just hold his clients and let them rest in the arms of tenderness.

Now I am that person; who knew? Sarah Belle Certified Cuddlist.

I specialize in nurturing, authentic connection, and pure loving presence. Walk out feeling more valued and connected.