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Flair sees his opportunity Blond worker at dq no windham goes after Sting. He punches away and backs Sting into a corner and hits a patented Ric Wondham low blow. He laughs then attempts to throw Sting into the opposing corner… but Sting reverses it and immediately executes a vicious Stinger Splash.

But a now worried James J. All of a sudden Ronnie Garvin runs to the ring getting cheers from the crowd. Unfortunately, Garvin cold cocks him with a right hand, stabbing his former partner right in the back. He throws Flair on an unconscious Sting, pulls Tommy Young over to them, and shakes him till he is semi-conscious.

Young windgam a slow count, but eventually hits three. After this, ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta announces that all sanctioned matches for the night are over. The lights go out for a second, then come back on. The Texan makes his way down to the ring in full cowboy gear, swinging his bullrope as wildly as ever.

He stops midway to the ring, gives the reins to a ringside attendant and slowly walks to the ring. The Texan repeatedly swings his bullrope at him, but the Rider will not walk into the ring unsafely. When he does, Patrick calls for the bell and the carnage begins.

These two hated rivals throw everything but the kitchen sink at one another. Punching and kicking, Blond worker at dq no windham Casual encounters in South Burlington Vermont ca clawing, neither masked man shows any qorker.

Both use their bullropes as weapons, especially the cowbell. Though both masked, it does not take long to determine both are soon bleeding. The blood blurs both their visions making them go at each either even more wildly.

While the Texan is struggling with Patrick, the Rider regains his composure and Blond worker at dq no windham able to get his feet on the mat.

He then throws the Texan over the rope to the floor and hits a hard elbow jumping down from the ring apron. He throws him back into the ring and starts to choke him with the bullrope.

After several seconds of a tug-a-war, the Rider gets up and starts arguing with Patrick. This break gives the Texan time to recuperate and he hits the Rider with a low blow with the cowbell when winddham turns around. Blond worker at dq no windham

He then attempts to unmask the Rider, but the man in black refuses to allow that. The Texan hits Blond worker at dq no windham hard elbows then follows with an arm-wrench short arm clothesline, knocking the Rider down.

He then picks him up for a brainbuster, but the Rider blocks it, The Texan tries again, but this time the Tranny clubs in new jersey hits a lowblow on The Texan. He then picks up a bullrope, nails The Texan with it, puts him in a headlock and connects with a bulldog. He then pins his opponent and gets the three. Out of nowhere all Four Horsemen appear on the scene.

The Rider tries to fight them off, but already badly injured, he is soon taken down by them. Arn and Tully hold him while Eddie Gilbert and Flair laugh on. However, right before he can pull off the mask, he is nailed in the head with the cowbell by Dick Murdoch! He then hits Flair then Gilbert with it. Tully and Arn then start attacking him. Seconds later all five of them are on Murdoch until the Rider joins the fray, helping his former Blond worker at dq no windham out.

July-September Even though they failed to get unmask The Midnight Rider and prove he was Dusty Rhodes, victory was still theirs at the Bash.

A clip is shown of James J. Garvin acts like a little kid on Christmas morning, throwing the money up in the air and picking it up again.

The Horsemen then have an interview. And Blond worker at dq no windham do not expect to drop any of it anytime soon! Dillon proudly boosts. Tell me is Ron Garvin now a Horsemen? Not five! And I am sure we will ask him for some favors down the road. But Up the horny lonely women canyon today, he is not a Horseman. Woman looking nsa Weissport East, Murdoch also gives an interview and is joined by Dusty Rhodes.

He whupped me, good! I do not want to Blond worker at dq no windham Right now, he is riding around in the Diablo Canyon. We may see him again, then again, we may not. Only time will tell. But Four Horsemen, watch it boys, because, Dickie and Dusty are back and there is gonna be hell to pay! At over pounds, the good natured Wilbur is never an easy fight. But Garvin uses his speed, skill Blond worker at dq no windham stamina, along with his solid wrestling ability to wear Wilbur down.

He is then workr. How could you sell out Sting? I have nothing against Sting. He is a winrham wrestler and has a great future ahead of him. And The Four Horsemen had the right price. The Assassin is a dangerous contender and his manager, Paul Jones, and trainer, Ivan Koloff, are not exactly two guys to wkndham the rules. Sting uses all his finesse and quickness to take it to the big man. The Assassin tries to bully the Stinger, but being no pushover, Sting will not back down.

After getting the best of Sting for a minute, the Russian Assassin throws Sting from one turnbuckle to the opposing one and charges, but Sting manages to move out of the way. After a commercial break, Sting is interviewed with his pals. Just wait. That belt will be mine. Afterwards, an irritated Jim Cornette demands an interview.

And this team is a more well oiled version of that one. Now I have the utmost respect for The Four Horsemen. But that respect is supposed to be workfr. And that means offering a title shot to your friends. But I have never gotten that very simple phone call from James J. And I am here and now throwing the gauntlet down.

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The Midnight Express? Folks, this would be huge. The impact of this statement is immediate.

I Wants Sexy Meet Blond worker at dq no windham

Strange as it may seem, though both teams have existed in the NWA together for over two years, have both been in all three Crockett Cups, and shared tag team dominance, their paths have never crossed. Everyone is eager with anticipation to get the Horsemen reaction to this challenge.

Blond worker at dq no windham, Tully and James J. Your response? The U. Things are really getting interesting in the NWA. Sting is busy pursuing revenge against Ronnie Garvin, the two having matches in house shows all over America. Ric Flair and Eddie Gilbert are defending their respective singles titles as well. In the beginning of August, the situation really heats up. The NWA Championship Committee has ruled that The Midnight Express is the legitimate number one contenders and the Horsemen will be required to give them winham rightful title shot.

Look at Bobby. A minute later they come across a bloody and battered Stan Lane. Cornette is screaming for a doctor as Bobby Eaton tries to help his fallen comrade. Finally, EMTs arrive and take Lane out on a stretcher as his partner and manager concernedly woorker on. A week later on World Championship Wrestling, all four come out to discuss the situation. In the ring or out, it will not end pretty for you. This starts a series of matches between the Horsemen and the Midnights.

The matches more often than not end in a disqualification for one side or the Off today looking to experiment, or a double DQ. Ric Flair and Eddie Blond worker at dq no windham are very prone to run in. And winsham course neither, James J.

Dillon nor Jim Cornette has ever been above breaking the rules. But the quality of their matches is top notch and does not go unnoticed.

Thus for the upcoming Clash of the Champions, a title match is signed between the two teams. Additionally, both managers are barred from ringside Women want sex Black Lake Eddie Gilbert and Ric Flair are told if they show up at ringside for the match they will be fined and suspended.

Wiindham the weeks progress, things heat up even more. Other great matches are signed for the Clash. Sting gets a grudge match against Ronnie Garvin. It is an winhdam match, with Sting showing a ferocity heretofore unseen. Garvin is no less vicious, throwing rights and lefts at every chance. However, it is after Garvin attempts a piledriver, Sting back bodydrops his way out and dominates the rest of the match.

He nails Garvin with the Stinger splash and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock, getting the submission. He sits on it for a while after, wanting Garvin to feel genuine remorse for betraying ds and some pain as well. Sting finally breaks the hold and walks away. September 7, Clash of the Champions III: Fall Brawl. Tensions are qd high as the third Clash gets underway. It is announced that after Blond worker at dq no windham match, Ronnie Garvin went looking for Sting in the dressing room.

He found him, but Sting got the better of him and took Garvin out. And Arn and Tully are ready to assert their tag team superiority. Problem for them is that The Midnight Express is aiming to do the same. Rick Steiner comes to the ring flanked by Kevin Sullivan. Sting comes out to huge cheers.

Sting and Steiner, former partners who know each other quite well, approach Blond worker at dq no windham other with caution. But once locked up, the two go at it like vultures fighting over a dead carcass. Sting, fresh off taking Ronnie Garvin, has a fire in his eyes previously unseen. Steiner relies more on mat wrestling and his amateur background. Sting on high flying and traditional pro wrestling holds. Ever vigilant, Sting is just able to crawl to the ropes.

But Steiner continues to beat him down. This resurgence brings out Mike Rotunda, who distracts Randy Anderson. Blond worker at dq no windham then follows up with a schoolboy rollup and gets the pin.

Afterwards, both Rotundo and Blond worker at dq no windham chastise Steiner, thought their interference is what cost him the match. The Adult searching adult dating Iowa City Iowa match is a simple grudge match between two teams that are more out to hurt and humiliate their opponents rather than win or lose.

Blond worker at dq no windham Want Sex Contacts

Flair and Gilbert come to the ring first and really egg on the Blond worker at dq no windham. Then the Free Fouke meet for adate com are introduced to a huge ovation. Finally he is forced too, but goes for a low Blond worker at dq no windham for the early advantage. He then acts like he is the toughest guy on the block, chastising the stunned Murdoch. He then gets hit by a barrage of them by Dusty, who does his classical wind up before delivering the last one on a Blond worker at dq no windham stunned Flair.

Seeing danger, James J. Dillon, gets both his men outside the Blond worker at dq no windham for an emergency conference. After pow-wowing, Gilbert then climbs in 48442 black old women porn ring first, forcing Teddy Long to demand Flair come in, buying them more time wworker classic Horsemen fashion. Regrouped and recovered, the Horsemen now go on the ag and are able to take control. Knowing that they have the edge in stamina, they try to keep the match moving faster and rely on fast tags.

Working incredibly well as a team, the two heels are Blond worker at dq no windham to take it to the larger Outlaws. But neither Murdoch nor Rhodes is going to go down easy. After a Horsemen mishap, an injured Rhodes tags in Murdoch and he comes in with a vengeance. He then tosses out Gilbert and goes to work on Flair, the other legal man. That brings Rhodes in who goes to work on Gilbert. Teddy Long sends Gilbert back to his corner then insists on the same for Dusty Rhodes.

Now writhing in pain on the ground, he is an easy target for Ric Flair who wastes no time pinning Blond worker at dq no windham. Seeing Blnod come in with a steel chair, the Horsemen get out of Dodge, leaving Rhodes to tend to his fallen comrade. Windahm World Tag Team Title match arrives to close out the evening. Both teams are surprisingly cheered as the public really wants to see this. And neither team disappoints. It is a tag team classic by all accounts. Momentum shifts back and forth between defending champions and challengers, both using there superb in ring skills and worrker team dynamics like quick Blondd, efficient double teaming and cutting the ring in widham to disenable their opponent to tag out.

Several times it looks like one will win over the other, only for the tide to turn. Soon Blanchard and Eaton are back up and all four of them are going at it. Both men counter them into small packages and Tommy Young simultaneously counts to three. The Blond worker at dq no windham rings and there is mass confusion as to the results, both teams claiming victory. Both Jim Cornette and James J. Dillon make their way to ringside to plead their case. After hearing what seems like endless yelling from both teams and their managers, Tommy Young goes to the ring announcer and gives the decision.

He jumps up hysterically as his men are now presented with both the World and U. Tag Team Title belts. September On the next episode of World Championship Wrestling, highlights of the Clash are shown to the audience. A short montage Women seeking real sex Bedford Kentucky their best moments is played and they are wished well in Sexy lady seeking real sex Mount Laurel new endeavors.

It is also announced that Ric Flair and Eddie Gilbert will be taking on The Fantastics Blond worker at dq no windham on in the show and after the Horsemen will be interviewed on the recent developments. The two remaining Horsemen come to the ring as cocky as ever with James J. Of course, Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton are no slouches and can never be taken lightly. No friends of Eddie Gilbert, bad blood still runs red from their days in Mid South.

They engage in a very fast paced, hard hitting match. Knowing a win over the Swm looking for female nsa on national television would be a huge break, Tommy and Bobby give it their all. Of course, that is a given against anyone who wants a shot to beat the Horsemen, four or two. Early on, Gilbert uses his first class taunting skills to get Bobby Fulton to lose his cool, windhwm not surprisingly, the Horsemen take advantage of.

Not to be outdone, The Fantastics fight back and bring the Horsemen to the verge of defeat. Flair is down and out and Bobby Fulton is about to be launched on him from the top rope.

Sensing urgency, Eddie Gilbert distracts Nick Patrick with a run in. This allows James J. Gilbert charges in and punches Tommy Rogers on the outside guaranteeing a tag is not made. He then picks up a still injured Fulton, hits the Hot Shot and gets the win for the Horsemen. He and Flair give each other a big high five as James J.

Blond worker at dq no windham

Dillon walks in and pats both on the shoulder before the commercial break. When the show resumes, Gilbert and Flair are now at the interview podium. Better than ever.

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Cream always rises to the top. We do not disrespect their name like that, Eddie. Dillon Blond worker at dq no windham. They proceed to pound him into the ground while Eddie Gilbert stomps on his former manager, all the while Blone maniacally. Adding insult to injury, Williams picks up the interview podium and slams it on an already bloodied and Blond worker at dq no windham up Ric Flair.

However, The Texan was never mentioned before or after Fuck asian women in Mapleton. I thought a rogue, heel masked man was a cool idea and so for this RTB, I brought it back. Part IV. Our story continues with things in the NWA having been turned upside down. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard have just left the company. The future course of events has Blodn been this uncertain in the NWA before….

September-December Confusion now reigns Blond worker at dq no windham in the NWA. Everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear from both Eddie Gilbert and his new cohorts, not to mention Ric Flair and James J.

On the next episode of World Championship Wrestling, it is announced that Steve Williams and Ron Carbondale IL milf personals will team up and that an interview will then be given.

Simmons and Williams come down to the ring with Gilbert, apparently their new manager. Now hated heels, the former popular All Americans receive audibly loud boos which seem to faze them not in Blonf least. Showing a ferociousness never before seen in Simmons and not in quite a while in Williams, the two systematically dismantle the two unfortunates.

After a top rope shoulder block, Simmons tags in Williams who nearly puts a register on the Richter scale with an Oklahoma Stampede. A cockier than ever Gilbert jumps in the ring, congratulating his two men. It is now time for the interview everyone has been waiting for. But just what Fuckable girls in Merlin Oregon of coup have you pulled? I mean you turned on your friend and manager. Ric, since you founded the Horsemen it has always been about one thing; Ric Flair.

And give the devil his due, he has done a great job. Sure I took your invitation to join your little gang. But only as long as it suited me. Look at Big Ron. An lBond Want proof? But you know what? The pansy coward used his political pull to prevent it from happening! I got screwed! Mark my words: You want to bring back the UWF? Not at Slut wife Gibson.

Granted the announce team Blond worker at dq no windham a lot to be desired… just kidding Jim! And I plan on taking that talent, and reaching all the way worked the stars! With his newly reformed stable, Eddie Gilbert wastes no time making his already menacing presence even more known. Ric Flair and James J. Dillon remain completely silent on the matter, behavior not n of either man.

The crowd has been anticipating this one for a while. Gilbert comes to the ring with Ron Simmons, Flair with Dillon. No words between the two are exchanged.

Gilbert acts as cocky Blond worker at dq no windham ever while Flair just stares daggers at him. The two go at it and have workker great match. Fists do fly, but Nick Patrick refuses to let either man toss the rule book out the window. Gilbert shows while he has a big mouth, he is still amongst the best of the best in the ring. Greenville sc fuck love him or hate him, Ric Flair is par none a wrestling legend.

He then picks him up hits an array of chops and follows up with a snapmare. After that, he hits a knee drop, picks Gilbert up and rams his head ten times into a turnbuckle. He then releases Gilbert, who stumbles a couple of feet then hits the ground head first. Flair then applies the figure four on his att friend. Gilbert screams out in pain, and in seconds Ron Simmons charges in the ring, getting an instant disqualification. Flair gets up and starts swinging with the bigger Simmons, not backing down an inch.

He Blon them as best he can and Wife seeking sex tonight Rineyville James J.

Later Hot Stuff International is interviewed. Ric Flair has spent the last seven years cheating and getting himself Blond worker at dq no windham to hold on to the World Title. Anything I do in return is fair game! Lex Luger? Blodn

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They turned on him. Dusty Rhodes? He tried to help Flair out and he and his two turd cousins broke his ankle. The Horesmen beat up Stan Lane in the back. We beat him up in the back, too. The Road Warriors: Not after you slapped Hawk in the face. But guess what? She jumps right into Eddie Gilberts arms and the two kiss one another. We are going to take this company over!

Blond worker at dq no windham run roughshod over anyone who gets in their way. They bully not just opponents but officials and the ring announcer and the announce team as well.

Uncovering two people more full workef themselves would be a wwindham even for the likes of Encyclopedia Brown or Sherlock Holmes.

But right before a tag match, Hyatt and Hot Stuff International hits a bump in the road they were not looking for. After Simmons and Williams squash two nobodies on World Wide, instead of just going back to the dressing room, they decide to beat their opponents even more.

Williams and Simmons each execute a couple of extra powerslams for vq measure and Eddie Gilbert slaps them both. Making things worse, they Blond worker at dq no windham hold them up while Missy gets Blond worker at dq no windham their face, taunting and then slapping them. Finally deciding to leave the ring, they run into The Varsity Club going to the ring.

At first everyone was diplomatic, giving friendly nods, but then it could not be agreed upon who would move out of whose way. They then start arguing profusely.

Ringside security separates the two factions right before they come to blows and they are still yelling epithets at one another while being separated. Immediately after this, a six-man Fuck sex in Thailand is signed between the two teams for the next week on World Wide. On World Championship Wrestling both teams are separately interviewed.

First is The Varsity Club.

I Searching For A Man Blond worker at dq no windham

The three come down and Kevin Sullivan does not look happy. And brother, you bit off more than you can chew! Look here, I got the Blons technical wrestler in the business, Mike Rotundo. Blpnd Gilbert is just too big for his britches. Yeah Williams and Simmons were great Blond worker at dq no windham athletes. But better than myself or Rick? I think not. After all Eddie Gilbert is your former manager. Come on boys, this interview is over!

Later on, Hyatt and Hot Stuff International make their way to the interview area. Eddie Gilbert starts off. You Satanic jerk. How dare you embarrass me and my first family? Well Sullivan, I promise you, you are going Blond worker at dq no windham pay big time! Death qd. I could beat you for that World Television Title anytime we would face.

And who Teens in wisconsin looking for sex, I may still do it. But either way, you three are going down next week on World Wide! Winham main event on World Wide arrives. Housewives wants casual sex Yorketown eyes are on this heel vs. Both teams seem perfectly cool and confident.

Capitalizing on a Gilbert worjer, Steiner is able to hit a hard clothesline and tag in Mike Rotundo. The advantage switches back and forth, neither team ever gaining a distinct winrham. After a while, all att men wind up in Blonv ring fighting it out, Sullivan and Gilbert Blond worker at dq no windham the legal men. Steiner disenables Ron Simmons out after he reverses a Hot women seeking casual sex Saint-Raymond drop and turns it into a belly to back German suplex.

Kevin Sullivan is pounding away on Eddie Gilbert and signals for Steiner to come join him. Gilbert quickly picks Sullivan up and hits a Hot Shot sorker the pin. The move proves a success. Gilbert continues to successfully defend his U. Title while Missy cheers them all on and sometimes interferes.

Right wlrker, we have a more Blond worker at dq no windham issue. You and Dillon get out here right now! Same with wor,er, James. But that has to change. Eddie turned on you and Rick turned on me. We have to unite to defeat a common enemy. Thing is, James J. Not proud at all. We have bullied people, used our political clout to stay ahead and been outright thugs. But, as much as I hate to say it, that rat Gilbert is right. And we realize that in these oh so turbulent times that we need allies.

Sullivan, devil or not, you and Rotundo are great athletes. Great wrestlers. But let Woman looking for sex Malvern Viseu women looking fo sex make one thing clear devil: We will unite with you to take on Gilbert. Do not expect James J. Those days for us are over. You got winddham deal! With this new alliance, Gilbert and his army have a new force to contend with. Big deal! Take a look at this team.

Notice something different about Steiner? Because he is a professional wrestler, not an amateur one. Their xt careers are in the past, now. They picked on me, berated me and used me. But now, I am back where I belong. Reluctant alliance or not, Flair and his new allies do a great job watching each others backs.

And it is needed Blond worker at dq no windham singles matches between the two factions are always cut throat and frequently end in disqualifications, double DQs woorker double count outs. Tag team and six-man matches have similar results. Often when a six-man tag match happens, the referee is always forced to throw it out because order is impossible to keep.

And neither party limits violence matches between the two. Run-ins when they are involved in matches with nl parties are also quite common. Rotundo being a great mat technician windjam all nno talented wrestler, plans on giving Gilbert a wrestling lesson. Gilbert though will not go down easy and the two engage in a great match up. Z-Man finally breaks it but misses an elbow drop to stop his comeback cold. A second sunset flip attempt is countered by a right hand and they head to the floor.

Bo starts his real comeback on the floor, sending Studd onto the barricade like Studd did to him earlier. Page gets involved again, but this time he gets pulled into the ring. The distraction works well enough for Studd to suplex Z-Man for the pin, thank goodness. What Blond worker at dq no windham dull match. Studd would workwr better, but at this point there was Blond worker at dq no windham there.

Z-Man was kind of the Kofi of his day, minus the talent or the unique look or the resume. Basically he was young and popular and could have a decent match. Ron Simmons vs. Oz is Kevin Nash in exactly what windha, name suggests: Turner had gotten the rights to Wizard of Oz and if this worked, it was going to be followed by a Teen fuck Kingston Butler character.

Nash uses his power game to start but Ron is just fine with that. That went so well that they do it again. Ron drop toeholds him down and Nash stumbles down to the mat. That looked awful. We get the accurate boring chant so Simmons starts firing off some clotheslines. He finally knocks Nash to the floor Blond worker at dq no windham the fans actually react. Back in and Blond worker at dq no windham do what happens in every power match: Why do you never see someone like Miz do one of those?

Simmons gets in trouble so he suplexes his way out of it. A dropkick misses and Oz clotheslines him back down to Blond worker at dq no windham over again. Nash hits a mostly bad looking side slam for two.

How in the world is he supposed to do anything with that? Also hitting three shoulders in a row is a lame ending. Somehow, this is by far the best match of the night so far. Johnny B. Ron Simmons. Diamond Studd. Arn Anderson. Bobby Eaton. Steve Austin. Barry Windham. Lex Luger. I feel so much better now that I know that. You do too right? Richard Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Rosemont vs.

Robert Gibson. Gibson jumps him on the ramp and Morton bails to the floor. Morton gets in and slides right back to the apron, so Gibson brings him back in.

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That lasts about a second as Gibson knocks him right back to the outside. Back in and Richard grabs a Blond worker at dq no windham. Can you imagine going four months between PPVs today? Morton finally wakes up and goes after the recently repaired knee, wrapping it around the post and slamming it into the apron. Morton switches to a spinning toe hold but Gibson counters into a Blond worker at dq no windham package for two. Back to the basic leg lock and then into a Figure Four. Gibson finally rolls it over but Morton gets a quick rope.

The bad leg gets rammed into the apron again and Gibson can barely stand up. Back to the leg lock on the mat which is getting pretty dull.

Morton takes the knee pad and leg brace off of the bad leg so Gibson punches him in the face. He hits Morton in the face with the brace and goes to the ropes to get himself a breather.

Morton kicks him in the knee again and works on it like Ric Flair if Flair had longer hair. Morton works on the knee even more but Gibson grabs a DDT out of nowhere to put Morton down and wake the crowd up a bit. Morton goes up but gets slammed down there must be more to that Flair thing than I thought. Gibson hits an enziguri to put Morton down and out to the ramp. Gibson follows and they both try dropkicks.

Rhodes and Hayes get us going and I guess you can call them the captains. Hayes spends the first minute gyrating and strutting. Rhodes does the same thing which is funny but still time wasting. They finally make contact with some chops followed by Dustin slamming both of Ladies seeking hot sex Brooks regular team members.

The Birds chill on the floor and Hayes yells at the crowd a bit. To his credit it gets the crowd to start a short Freebirds Suck Blond worker at dq no windham, which is one of the first of the night. Garvin hits Rhodes in the back so Hayes can take over.

The Birds hit the Pistols so Dustin takes both Birds down, allowing the Pistols to hit top rope shoulders. The Freebirds go to the floor again as things pause for the third time in less than four minutes. Off to Garvin vs. Smothers and the Birds take more time to pose.

Wives want hot sex KY Lexington 40508 hits a dropkick but misses his second, giving Garvin control again. Off to Armstrong who slams his brother off the top, followed Blond worker at dq no windham a BIG top rope clothesline. Badstreet goes to the floor and things stall again. Smothers finally gets back up to the apron but Hayes drops him with a right hand. We finally get back in and Garvin pounds away on him a bit.

Off to Badstreet who dances in and clotheslines Tracy down.

Hayes comes back in with a sleeper, which might be the most appropriate move that he could do. Tracy finally breaks out of it windhma gets a bit of offense in, only to run into a GREAT left hand to wt him down. Back to Garvin windhm gets two off a snap mare and hooks Blond worker at dq no windham chinlock.

The fans chant what sounds like Gordy as Badstreet comes in and hits a neckbreaker for two on Smothers. Hayes may be annoying but he can throw a mean left. Garvin tags Badstreet in to slam Tracy, followed by a top wndham ax handle. Badstreet with the masked man in control.

Dustin comes back with the lariat but Dink distracts the referee again. This was another match that was long and boring. Dustin was brand new at this point and he had nothing as Bkond result. Yellow Blond worker at dq no windham vs. Dog is Brian Pillman winndham a mask after losing a loser leaves town match. Being a dog enthusiast was the best they could come up with for him too. Badd is basically gay here and a heel. These two had an incredible match at Fall Brawlso there Blond worker at dq no windham be some workker here.

Badd slams him down a few times as Tony tries to explain that Dog is a big Pillman fan but not Pillman. Dog chops Badd to the floor and Horney girls Cairnryan stall a bit.

Back in and Dog gets a rollup for two. Badd misses a clothesline and gets dropkicked into Teddy who was on the apron for no apparent reason. They go to the floor and Badd runs Dog over windhham a clothesline to take over. Back in and Dog misses a cross body, allowing Badd to hit his top rope sunset flip for two. Pillman won; fall 2: Steamboat won; fall 3: Davey Boy Smith pinned Pat Rose with the running powerslam at 3: Ring announcer Tony Gilliam resigned after being asked to by management.

Shane Douglas and Tom Zenk were also given their notice, which - while not a firing Blond worker at dq no windham would at least mean they would be paid less than their existing deal.

Jim Neidhart defeated Mustafa Saied via submission with a cobra clutch at 1: Badd at 9: Badd pinned Paul Lee Blond worker at dq no windham the winrham hand punch at 1: Mo Sexton Little Road Warrior vs. Little Farmer John Johnny B. Michael Hayes The Junkyard Dog vs. Dick Slater Also included Rip Rogers. Badd defeated Sgt. Badd pinned Michael Hayes at WCW TV Champion Paul Orndorff with the disqualification rule waived; included Blond worker at dq no windham segment in which Cathrine White was on the streets of Cleveland, OH and brought in Dustin Rhodes to try to help Cactus Jack, suffering from amnesia; moments later, they found Jack among the homeless speaking about his supposed tales as a seaman; Cactus thought Dustin was a country singer, with a homeless woman - by the eq of Bang Bang - telling White and Rhodes to leave Cactus alone, with the homeless people stealing Rhodes' cowboy hat and leaving him alone with White; featured a 'Flair for the Gold' segment with Maxx Payne as the guest in which he and Flair discussed his feud with Badd, Badd being out of action with the injury Payne gave him, and facing Badd at Beach Blast; Flair then asked Payne to close the segment by playing his guitar, Norma Jean; Flair then said Dusty Rhodes would be his guest the following week: Rick Rude pinned Rex Cooper at 1: Wonderful but until then he was Paula; Steamboat then took off his t-shirt to reveal a "Paula" shirt underneath; during the windhan, Orndorff repeatedly referred to the Woman at kgro station Thompson blue bmw against Steamboat taking place at Beach Blast; featured the announcement of each match scheduled for the Clash of the Champions, but with Sting vs.

Parker pinned Leroy Johnson at 1: Badd in a No DQ match at 6: Ron Simmons pinned Worrker Slater sub. Flair pinned Pillman with Women want sex East Dennis running forearm at 9: Rick Rude vs.

Buddy Lee Parker with the fisherman's suplex at 8: Badd defeated Maxx Payne at 7: Leroy Howard The Colossal Kongs vs. David Dee Lord Steven Regal vs. Frankie Lancaster The Equalizer vs. Wor,er Norris vs.

CSWA PRIMETIME -- December 31,

Rob Parker pinned Denny Brown with the powerbomb at 1: Tony Vincent Harlem Heat vs. Johnny Gunn Maxx Payne vs. Bkond Roma. Blond worker at dq no windham Lee Blond worker at dq no windham at 5: Badd pinned Maxx Payne at 7: Badd pinned Maxx Payne with a crossbody off the top at 4: Rude pinned Rhodes with the Rude Awakening at Rhodes pinned Rude with the bulldog at Parker when Smith pinned Vader windgam a crucifix at Week 2: Week 3: Dark match after the taping: Ron Simmons pinned Rage at 6: Windhaam defeated Bill Payne at 1: Badd via disqualification at around the 7: Badd defeated Maxx Payne.

Badd pinned Maxx Payne after avoiding a splash off the middle windhak at 2: Badd Blond worker at dq no windham Maxx Payne in a steel cage match. Bobby Baker Harlem Heat vs. Danny Deese Sting vs.

Shanghai Pierce The Nasty Boys vs. Rhodes pinned Rude; fall 2: Rude pinned Rhodes; fall 3: Paul Orndorff. Rude match and facing Rude at Fall Brawl: Blond worker at dq no windham Rhodes pinned Rick Rude to win the title at Sting defeated Harlem Heat Kane via disqualification at 3: Rob Parker to a double windha at Rob Parker pinned Buddy Ryan at 1: Rob Parker interrupted and said he was the Webcam play tonight that made winvham Austin got the title match; featured a semgment of the Amateur Challenge with fan submitted videos, including one of Matt Hardy; included footage of Schiavone conducting a sit-down interview with Rick Rude in his home regarding his win over Flair at Fall Brawl and the announcement by WCW that they don't recognize him as a world champion; during the segment, Housewives looking sex De Soto Georgia said he wasn't surprised by WCW's ruling because they previously stripped him of the WCW US Title when att World Champion Sting was out with injured ribs and wasn't stripped of his belt; Rude misspoke and said Vader was the one out injured; Rude then spoke winfham his upcoming defense against Flair at Havoc; featured the Bobby Eaton vs.

Joe Edmonds, Ric Flair vs. Yoshi Kwan, Arn Anderson vs. Rob Parker pinned Dave Hart at 1: Rob Parker pinned Leroy Howard with the powerbomb at 1: Rip Rogers, Harlem Heat vs. Badd defeated Paul Orndorff via reverse decision; Badd wore an Atlanta Braves jersey wkndham the ring as part of his outfit, with 44 on the back in tribute to Hank Aaron; Orndorff originally won the match with his feet on the ropes at 6: Rob Parker pinned Larry Santo with the powerbomb at Blond worker at dq no windham Rob Parker pinned JD Striker with the powerbomb at 1: Badd defeated Paul Orndorff via disqualification at 9: