Upcoming Opportunitie$ | NYC DOE Science Programs, ExpandED, and ZoomIn Data Science Project

To all NYC DOE teachers, here are several upcoming opportunities – many of them paid – that you may be interested in:
1.  Earth Science Data Analysis Project
The Center for Children and Technology are looking for High School Earth Science teachers interested in piloting three modules this school year using Zoom In, an online curriculum platform designed to help students analyze and interpret data as they build their understanding of key earth science concepts. Get paid $600 to try out some of the curricula, more info attached. Contact Megan Silander at zisci@edc.org or click here for more info.
2. Applications for NYC DOE Citywide Science Programs are now open:
Contact the Citywide Science program team at CitywideScience@schools.nyc.gov for more info.
3. Call for Middle School Teachers: STEM Educators Academy
ExpandED is looking for middle school teacher teams to participate in the STEM Educators Academy, a program designed to boost student interest and engagement in science and design-based STEM curriculum. Get paid $1340 per site in addition to material costs to develop projects. More information attached, contact Bentley Kapten (bkapten@expandedschools.org) or Emma Banay (ebanay@expandedschools.org) for more info.

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