Food for Thought: Eating in Space Educator Guide

This guide presents five Next Generation Science Standards–supported lesson plans for grades 5–8 that relate to food and nutrition. Through the lessons, students research the caloric content and nutritional value of space foods (Mars Needs Food!); construct and use calorimeters to measure the kilocalories (energy) contained in several food samples (Burning Question: Which Food to Take to Mars?); design and assemble a robot to perform a specific task using commercial robot kits or construct a simulated robot using various scrap materials (Always Wash Your End Effectors); investigate adhesion, cohesion, contact angle, and capillary action in liquids (Now That’s a Cup of Coffee); and create nutritional labels for cookies (If You Give an Astronaut a Cookie). Lesson plans include learning objectives, background information, materials lists, procedures, assessments, and student handouts.

Full Link:

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