Cell Biology Animation

Biologist and artist John Kyrk created Cell Biology Animation to show motions and interactions of molecules, atoms, and cells in high-quality animations. From DNA to meiosis to an overview of the Golgi apparatus, the animations are thorough and can be stopped, rewound, or played continuously for in-depth learning. Animations of general scientific principles, such as diffusion and pH, are also provided. The clickable animations include annotations that describe the processes happening on each screen. Read the site’s comments for ideas and insight about how the animations are being used in middle, high school, and college level classrooms.

Full Link: http://www.johnkyrk.com/

K–12 Home Science Projects

Build a Solar Car, Make Super Bubbles, Experiment with Liquid Density, Egg Bottle in a Trick, Color-Change Chemistry. . . .These are just a few of the many popular science projects available at the website. Created as a science teaching resource for K–12 homeschooling families, Home Science Tools offers hundreds of project ideas and experiments in biology, chemistry, Earth science, and physics and engineering that can be completed at home, for science fairs, or adapted for classroom use. Many of the projects feature videos along with the background information and how-to instructions, however, be aware that grade level information is not included on a project’s page. Teachers can evaluate the projects individually, or click on Projects by Grade to determine which activities are an appropriate fit for their students.


Full Link: http://learning-center.homesciencetools.com/science-projects/