Star Chart App now free!

Star Chart, an Augmented Reality (AR) astronomy application for iPads and iPhones, is a point-and-view app! Simply point your AR-enabled device at the sky, and Star Chart tells you exactly what you are looking at. Targeted for middle and high school educators and astronomy buffs of all ages, the app uses Global Positioning System technology, an accurate 3D simulation of the visible universe, and technical “wizardry” to calculate (in real time) the current location of every star, planet, and moon visible from Earth, day and night. Tap on anything in the sky to learn facts about what you are looking at, or view an illustrated overlay of 88 constellations (as envisioned by 15th-century astronomer Johann Hevelius). Additional features enable users to view the sky beneath the horizon, so the Sun can be “seen” even at night. Teachers can easily incorporate the app into astronomy or space units: Have students use the app at home to learn more about stargazing and the nighttime sky, or use it at school to remind students that space is still there, even when it’s light outside.

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