NOAA Planet Stewards: 2018 Stewardship Community Application

This opportunity from NOAA Planet Stewards is too good to wait for the next newsletter. Please consider applying!
Do you want to put want to put knowledge into action with your students or your community and make positive impacts on your local environment?
Then you need to join
the NOAA Planet Stewards
2018 Stewardship Community!
Selected educators meeting project requirements will be eligible for:
  • Up to $2500 to carry out an environmental stewardship action project.
  • Travel reimbursements to attend select workshops and/or national conferences following the successful completion of a planet stewardship project.
Applications will be accepted until midnight November 27, 2017.
 If you are a current member of the NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project Stewardship Community (and have previously received funding to carry out a stewardship project) and are interested in extending your project or conducting another/related stewardship project during the 2018/2019 academic year, you MUST reapply to the Planet Stewards Education Project this year.
Questions? Contact:
…NOAA Planet Stewards
NOAA Climate Stewards is now NOAA Planet Stewards!
The NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project is now the NOAA Planet Stewards Education Project. We are expanding our scope to include a wider range of NOAA topics related to understanding and protecting our environment. This means we will focus on a larger number of subjects such as decreasing the impacts of marine debris, conserving and restoring natural resources, and understanding and responding to severe weather events. We will continue our programmatic emphasis on climate as a driver of environmental impacts to humans and natural ecosystems.
This change will allow us to better serve many educators looking to engage their students in citizen science and hands-on stewardship activities that relate to the broad range of NOAA’s mission programs.
If you have engaged us through our distance learning efforts i.e. webinars, book club meetings, at our face-to-face workshops, or through the development and implementation of a stewardship project – we thank you for your support over the last seven years and look forward to bringing you exciting opportunities this year. For those who are new to this program, welcome!

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