NYC Department of Education 2017 Energy Challenge

The Office of Sustainability, in coordination with Solar One, invite New York City DOE Schools to participate in the first ever DOE-wide 2017 Energy Reduction Challenge. The Challenge will start on October 2nd and end December 1st, 2017.


The Challenge will be based on student and staff-based efforts to promote energy conservation in the classroom and enhance school-wide involvement in energy conservation efforts. Each participating school will be required to submit a report of activities performed during the challenge (see Challenge Overview for more information). School reports will be given points based on activities conducted during the challenge. The top five (5) schools that earn the most points during the 2-month event will each be awarded $10,000, to be transferred to the Principal’s Galaxy Budget for use on sustainability related projects during FY18. For more information on the Challenge and how to participate, see the Energy Challenge Overview.

To enroll your school in the Challenge, register HERE by 5 PM on Friday, September 29th.

For questions contact Lisa Williams, Energy Coordinator, at 718-349-5790.

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