The Modern Figures Toolkit

The Modern Figures Toolkit

Another NASA resource that sheds light on one of the “Hidden Figures”–Katherine Johnson–is the Modern Figures Toolkit, a clickable guide to K–12 videos and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) materials related to the achievements of Johnson and the “human computers.” The guide features annotated descriptions of each resource, information about how each supports Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core learning standards, and a link to download the resources. Highlights include activities such as Moon Phases, in which elementary students learn about the phases of the Moon and act out one complete 30-day Moon cycle in 30 minutes, and What Is an Orbit, in which middle level students learn about the shape of an orbit, the effect of gravity on an orbit, and where satellites orbit the Earth. The interdisciplinary activity NASA Langley and Human Computers (high school) examines the social impact of human computers at NASA Langley during the 20th century and can be incorporated into science and history lessons.

Full Link:

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