Monarchs and More Curriculum guide

With versions for primary (grades K–2), intermediate (grades 3–5), and middle level (grades 6–8) learners, this curriculum from the University of Minnesota’s Monarch Lab provides age-appropriate lessons exploring the monarch butterfly’s migration behaviors and life cycle. In Migration Game, an outdoor role-play, students must think and act like a monarch as they travel from their northern state to their overwintering grounds in Mexico, following “butterfly rules” such as “drink nectar from a cup daily” and “fly only when the Sun is out.” Activities exploring the monarch’s life cycle include Comparing Life Stages (primary) and Measuring Larval Growth and Development (intermediate and middle level). The curriculum also contains supplemental materials, including printable illustrations of the monarch’s anatomy, super-magnified images of monarchs seen through the university’s Scanning Electron Microscope, and links to monarch-related citizen science projects.


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