Seeking NYC middle school science teachers

AMNH is offering an intensive 5.5 day professional learning experience for NYC middle school science teachers to learn about the NGSS and the Draft NYS P-12 Science Learning Standards.  The Five Tools and Processes for Translating the NGSS into Instruction and Classroom Assessment were developed by AMNH in partnership with BSCS and WestEd.

If you are interested in applying to participate, please click the link  Deadline is Friday, Sept. 23rd.

Teachers will be paid a stipend for their participation.  This includes per session for all online work completed between PD sessions. Participating teachers will also be expected to implement a two-week sequence of lessons developed from this experience in their classrooms sometime between February and April.

Our full PD curriculum is already available online:

Required PD dates include:

Intro – Oct 5 (afterschool)

Tool 1 – Oct 16

Tool 2 – Oct 30

Tool 3 – Nov 20

Tool 4 – Dec 18

Tool 5 – Jan 29

Follow-up After-school Meeting – TBD

For more information, see the attached pdf, and go to the application link

Dora Kastel

Senior Coordinator of Professional Development

American Museum of Natural History

O: (212) 769-5392 | C: (347) 753-2813

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