Finding My Forest

Produced by the U.S. Forest Service, this curriculum for grades 3–8 provides teachers with the tools needed to integrate the wonder of forests into the classroom and foster environmental awareness among students. Through four standards-supported lessons, students explore several key roles of environmental stewardship. In Lesson One, students serve as environmental journalists, developing a definition of a forest, researching “urban forests,” and creating an iForest blog. In Lesson Two, students become ecologists, exploring a local forest and discovering how the different elements of the forest interrelate. In Lesson Three, students are environmental scientists, conducting experiments, mapping their urban forest and understanding its benefits, and developing ideas about conservation. By Lesson Four, students are ready to be outdoor educators, sharing their deepening understanding of the importance of and need for time spent exploring and conserving forests. The curriculum also includes a calendar of ideas to explore forests year-round and a Finding My Forest grid students and families can use to track time spent and activities conducted outdoors.

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Free littleBits Summer Camps @ Microsoft Flagship Store

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Hours: 8 am – 10 am, 5 pm-7 pm
Days: Tuesday-Friday (throughout the summer)


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This camp is gender neutral and open to a wide range of children from ages 5-12. It consists of gradual steps in which kids are able to creatively think of themselves as inventors. Along with this the campers will experience littleBits invention cycle of create, play, remix, and share. The first day starts with the kids following the different littleBits projects and by the end of the week the kids are able to create their own invention using littleBits bits as well as their own toys. This camp allows kids to interact with other kids who have the same interests as them and also gives them the opportunity to share their inventions with the group and their parents.

Coloring Nature

This site offers more than 500 realistically illustrated coloring pages that can be downloaded and printed for use in K–12 classrooms. Choose from categories such as amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, insects, animal homes, pets, biomes and habitats, anatomy, wildflowers, and trees. Use the pages as diagrams, models, or assessment tools, or just for fun.

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