Encourage K–12 students to write better and read often with Storybird. Used in K–12 classrooms worldwide, free for any educational setting, and compatible with any curriculum or device, this unique language arts tool uses professional illustrations as the spark to inspire students to write (and post online, if desired) their own stories in many subjects, including science. The website provides the tools and illustrations to help students and adults create original works. Typically elementary students create picture books, middle and high school students (and teachers) create long-form chapter books, and students of all ages create poetry works.

The books are as varied as the students you teach: For example, a site search with the parameters “popular all time,” “education,” and “all formats” turned up science-themed works such as “101 Words Related to Water,” “Blooming Questions” (an introduction to Bloom’s Taxonomy), “Animal Safari,” “Science Is Everything,” and “The Water Cycle.” Teachers can also access tips on using the tool in the classroom on the Storybird blog.

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