SuperTracker Nutrition Lesson Plans

The USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, in conjunction with Team Nutrition, has developed SuperTracker, an interactive online nutrition tool and curriculum for high school students. SuperTracker helps teens think critically about food and physical activity choices. Students can get personalized recommendations for what and how much to eat andoptimal amounts of physical activity; track foods and physical activity from a database of about 8,000 foods and 900 physical activities; set nutrition and fitness goals; and measure and share progress on social media. The curriculum provides four stand-alone lessons to help students get comfortable using the SuperTracker tool: Track Your Snack, Three-Day Food Record, Build Healthy Meals, and What’s Your Plan? Each lesson includes preparation steps, learning objectives, teaching instructions, and a handout for students to reflect on what they have learned.


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Project-Based Engineering Lessons

The Instructables Workshop for Young Engineers offers a collection of project-based lessons for students in grades 5–9 that explore basic principles of physics and structural and mechanical engineering. Project-based learning is designed to promote investigation, critical thinking, and hands-on subject matter and allow students to control the direction and pace of their learning. Teachers can access video instructions for student model-building projects of many kinds that meet these criteria, including Slingshot Rockets, Rubberband Helicopters, Extending Grabbers, Tornado Tower, Marble Roller Coaster, Simple Sail Car, and Truss Bridges. The projects can be used in after-school learning environments or in the classroom as enrichment activities.

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Common Core Interactive Assessment Grid

This tool is presented in the form of an Excel spreadsheet with all U.S. Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects, as well as Mathematics. Teachers can plug students’ names into the grid and manipulate the data on it to examine students’ progress or needs within various standards. Using the filters in different combinations will help teachers develop a deeper understanding of the Common Core and their students’ strengths and needs. Visit the website to explore the grid and how to use it.

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