3D Moon Board

Middle level educator and self-proclaimed science teaching junkie, Shayna Aldrich, has created a three-dimensional Moon Board to help middle level students visualize and better understand the cause of Moon phases and comprehend the two different views that are often given on a diagram (i.e., a view from space and the view from the Earth). Built with inexpensive supplies, the board offers an interactive way for students to visualize the phases of the Moon. Students place their head through a hole in the center of a board affixed with Styrofoam balls representing each phase of the Moon; as students do this, they are “seeing” the view from Earth (their head being Earth, or it could be explained that we LOOK out from Earth and see the Moon as it revolves around the Earth). To see each Moon phase, rotate the board counterclockwise (i.e., the direction of the Moon’s revolution around the Earth). Visit the website for directions and more information!

Full Link: http://www.scienceteachingjunkie.com/2013/03/clearest-way-to-teach-moon-phasesever.html

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