Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

In this STEM–based animation series for children ages 5–9, Thomas Edison (brought back to virtual life as a hologram) guides a group of students—the Secret Lab Kids—on science- and humor-filled adventures across time and space. Edison “comes to life” to encourage the children in various explorations in physical science, life science, Earth science, space science, and other disciplines. “The Secret Lab” also transforms into a virtual reality environment, transporting the crew to various locations, including the International Space Station, a “fantastic voyage” within the human body, and meetings with visionaries Isaac Newton and Galileo. Watch two sample episodes—“No Volts for Von Bolt” and “The Eagle Has Landed”—at, then visit the series website to access additional episode clips, music videos, printable activities, and games to spark student interest in science.

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