SDO Project Suite Curriculum

The SDO-EVE Project has a comprehensive middle school curriculum, the SDO Project Suite, which integrates both new and adapted solar lessons and activities using state-of-the-art SDO data. This NGSS-aligned curriculum comprises a series of four modules that guides students through an interactive, real-world exploration of Solar Science and Space Weather. The SDO Project Suite has passed NASA Product Review and its modules can be completed as a coherent unit or as individual activities:

  • Module 1: Provides an understanding of the structure of the Sun.
  • Module 2: Investigates how and why the Sun is studied via the electromagnetic spectrum and magnetism.
  • Module 3: Explores the significance of solar activity on Earth’s habitability and the affects of space weather on Earth.
  • Module 4: Student collaboration to design, produce, and curate a 3-D Solar Exhibit summative assessment.

The SDO-EVE project is a NASA-funded project on behalf of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE), which as part of the NASA SDO mission. The goal of the SDO-EVE project is to promote education and public outreach of the Solar Dynamics Observatory’s cutting-edge research and groundbreaking data.

Grade Level: Elementary & middle school grades (6-8) with potential to differentiate for high school grades


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