Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Health Apps

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Health Apps


NIH’s National Library of Medicine has developed three interactive iOS apps for high school biology and chemistry and middle and high school environmental health. The apps address DNA base pairing (Base Chase), the Bohr model of the atom (Bohr Thru), and environmental conservation (Run4Green). In Base Chase, students learn the bases of DNA as they complete unique DNA strands for various animals, with help from DeeNA, a cartoon mascot.In Bohr Thru, users collect and organize protons, neutrons, and electrons to form the Bohr Model and the first 18 elements on the periodic table, learning facts about chemical elements and their structures along the way. Chemistry teachers can use the game in brief in-class sessions to enhance students’ understanding of the periodic table. In Run4Green, middle and high school players learn and reinforce their understanding of topics such as greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energies, and green product purchases as they collect coins and perform environmentally friendly tasks.


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