The 2nd Annual District 75 STEM Fair

Save The Date May 24th 2016!
I’m thrilled to announce The 2nd Annual STEM Fair is taking place on Tuesday, May 24th at the American Museum of Natural History. Last year’s event had some incredible projects and we expect this year’s to be even better. We have booked a larger venue, so that several schools can have their own table. This year we will not be able to set projects up the day before. Every school will need to set up the morning of the fair. The museum will open early for staff to come and set up. So please plan on having a staff member arrive at the museum early that day.
Attached is the flyer announcing the District’s 2ndt Annual STEM Fair for you to distribute and hang in your school.
·        We invite every school to participate
·        Each school will have half or whole six -foot table for their presentation. No floor or wall space is to be used. Everything must be free standing and fit on the table.
·        The steps of the project may be presented on a tri-fold board or on a charged laptop. If using a laptop, the presentation must be no longer than three minutes in length.  Students are required to speak about their project whether in person or video. A sample display is attached.
·        The boards must look professional; handwritten or messy boards will not be accepted. (Please consult a professional resource on how to create a successful project display board).
·        During the STEM fair, one staff member from your school must remain at the assigned table from 8:15am to 2:40pm (traveling separately to ensure projects can be viewed for the entirety of the fair).
·        All projects need to be dismantled and removed by end of day, 3:30pm on the day of the fair, May 24th 2016.
·        Due to the scale and number of schools, no more than 16 individuals are allowed attend the fair per school. If your school requires transportation, please reserve a bus for May 24th to go the American Museum of Natural History as soon as   possible.
·        To attend the STEM Fair you must make a reservation with the museum by calling 212-769-5200. Please tell the museum reservations staff you are attending the District 75 STEM Fair. 
More information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Leslie Schecht (


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