Modification for Instruments and Tools Used in the Science Laboratory Setting for Students with Disabilities

Done by our very own:

A Proposal: Modification for Instruments and Tools Used in the Science Laboratory Setting for Students with Disabilities

The purpose of this action research proposal is to create a Modification of Instruments and Tools in Science (MITS) program to address the need for providing Students With Disabilities (SWDs) appropriate access to scientific tools and techniques of scientific inquiry. This proposal contains a review of literature on SWDs, differentiating instruction to meet individual student need, evaluation and survey tools on levels of student accessibility to tools and technology, and science education requirements. In order to appropriately evaluate students, the author developed a Skills Checklist for MITS in addition to combining an already existing Levels of Accessibility Matrix (LAM) system and Student Learning Survey (SLS) recommendations. The Skills Checklist for MITS and LAM/SLS were constructed from modifications to–and hybrids of–similar Evidence-Based Practice tools used by the Assistive Technology Evaluation Unit in District 75, Plourde and Klemm’s (2004) Levels of Accessibility Matrix (LAM) system, Boone and Higgins’ (2007) “Software v-List,” and Tzu-Chi, Gwo-Jen, and Jen-Hwa’s (2013) recommendation for taking into consideration multiple learning criteria, including learning styles, cognitive styles, and knowledge levels, for developing adaptive learning systems. In addition a logic model for the project was developed (see appendix). This proposal supports research on how to provide SWDs with appropriate access to instructional equipment and tools used in science by providing a method for their modification.

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