Apply by October 5th to the STEM Matters NYC Citizen Science Program!

Teacher teams consisting of one math teacher and one science teacher are invited to apply for the Citizen Science program! Participating teams will lead an after-school Citizen Science club in which middle school students will take on the role of volunteer citizen scientists, collecting, uploading, analyzing, and communicating data from the field as part of an ongoing research investigation.
Participating teachers and their clubs will:
·         select an investigation of interest from a menu of options, including aquatic ecology and insect evolution
·         work closely with researchers and Citizen Science program staff to carry out long-term investigations and related analysis
·         analyze data and creatively communicate results and related policy recommendations at a “Data Jam and Policy Slam” celebration at the annual STEM Matters NYC Research Symposium in June 2016.
Teachers will receive materials for and training in selected investigative protocols,  and will attend four professional development days that focus on their selected citizen science research investigations, mathematical analysis of collected data, and communicating findings and related policy or research recommendations.
All middle school math and science teachers are eligible to apply. Click here ( to learn more about the Citizen Science Program and to apply. The attached FAQ document includes more detailed information. If you have additional questions, please email
The Citizen Science Program Team

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