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Robert Morrow
Interim Project Manager, Tomatosphere
Teachers interested in participating with their classrooms in a space farming activity
We still have available about 200 seed sets for use in the FALL OF 2015. You can register on-line [] and the seeds will be mailed out to you within a couple of days.  THESE SEEDS MUST BE PLANTED IN THE FALL AND THE RESULTS REPORTED BY THE END OF DECEMBER. After reporting your results, you will be enrolled automatically for the 2016 seeds that will be sent to you in late February, 2016.
If you enrol now, you will receive two packages of seeds for each class registered. The packages are labeled “A” and “B”. Each package will contain approximately 33 seeds; the seeds are packaged by weight and there could be a variance of +/-5. One package of seeds is a control group and the other is the “treatment” group. The treatment group of Tomatosphere™ seeds was subjected to a simulated space environment of -80oC in a vacuum, at the University of Guelph for a 34-day period. The simulation approximates what might happen to the seeds if there was a breach in the storage system on a vehicle (with astronauts) going to Mars for the first time. To have adequate food supplies for survival on Mars, astronauts will have to grow some of their own food. The tomato is one of the candidate crops for a “farm on Mars.”
Alternatively, you can also register for 2016 – the online registration allows for direct registration for 2016 without the 2015 option – and receive some of the seeds brought back from the International Space Station. Below is a photograph of Astronaut Scott Kelly on board the ISS with the tomato seeds.  Scott was inspecting the seeds taken into space by SpaceX Dragon and later returned to Earth in the spring of 2015.
You will receive a control group for comparison. To maintain the “blind study” aspect of the program, you will not know which seeds are which until the results have been posted.
Astronaut Scott Kelly with the seeds YOU will receive in 2016.
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