NYC Summer STEM is a new citywide pilot program to provide students who just completed grades 2, 7, and 10 with free, high-quality, engaging STEM instruction. SUMMER STEM 2015 will serve 1,200 total students – 400 from each of the three grades – at 10 sites across the City, one in each of the five boroughs for 2nd-graders and one in each of the five boroughs for 7th and 10th-graders. The program focuses on bringing high-quality STEM education to high-needs students and communities and will run for four weeks for 2nd-graders and five weeks for 7th and 10th-graders.
For more information and to apply:
The NYCDOE is pleased to offer a two-day K–5 Mathematics Institute, entitled Introduction to RTI in Mathematics.  With expert Kate Garnett of Hunter College, we will be exploring what RTI in Mathematics is all about and how might it look across elementary schools.  We will also be exploring effective Tier I teaching, grouping, and practices, all through the lens of different math difficulties. Teachers who participate in this institute will have opportunities to build a shared understanding of RTI and will identify strategies that can help them adjust lessons and tasks to support learning of all students.

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