Recruiting for Certificate in Earth Science Program

Certificate in Earth Science
Earth, Environmental and Geospatial Sciences
Lehman College – City University of New York
This program is aimed at science teachers seeking a second certification in Earth Science.  It is also an excellent way to get some of the PD hours necessary to maintain certification.  A flyer describing the program is attached and appears below.  Please disseminate this information to colleagues who may be interested.
For information and applications contact:
Earth, Environmental and Geospatial Sciences
The Certificate in Earth Science (30 credits) is structured to provide a strong foundation in Earth science content.  Earth Science is currently the science subject area with the greatest shortage of qualified, certified teachers in New York State and the New York City metropolitan region.  The program is intended for certified teachers of other science areas who plan to obtain a second certification in Earth Science as well as holders BA or BS degrees who seek a foundation in Earth science before applying to a Masters of Education program. The certificate content aligns with the conceptual framework for Teachers of Earth Science and with the Core Curriculum for middle and high school. It is a great way to attain the professional development required by the New York State Education Department to maintain teacher certification.
26 Credits in Required Courses
GEO 167 Earth Evolution (3 credits)
GEO 168 Earth Evolution Lab (1 credits)
GEO 228 Weather and Climate (3 credits)
GEO 229 Weather and Climate Lab (1 credit)
GEO 245 Earth Materials (4 credits)
GEO 301 Earth Science for Educators (4 credits)
GEO 345 Environmental Hydrology (4 credits)
GEO 4500 Topics in Earth Science (2 credits)
AST 117 Astronomy of Stellar Systems (4 credits)
4 Credits to be chosen from the following:
GEO 236 Environmental Geology (4 credits)
GEO 340 Natural Hazards/Disasters (3 credits)  and GEO 341 Natural Hazards/Disasters Lab (1 credit)
GEO 370 Regional Field Geology and Mapping Techniques (4 credits)
GEO 448 Plate Tectonics (4 credits)
GEO 490 Honors Geology (4 credits)
(Other courses may be substituted with department permission.)
Dr. Heather Sloan | Associate Professor
Program Director for Earth Science
Lehman College, CUNY | School of Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Earth, Environmental and Geospatial Sciences

250 Bedford Park Blvd West, Bronx, NY 10468

Tel 718-960-8008 | Fax 718-960-8584

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