NASA Challenges Students to Design 3D Space Containers

Just released: Future Engineers 3-D Space Container Design Challenge with a NASA Feature Story .
There are two divisions for competing/winning prizes: junior engineers (5-12 years old) and teen engineers (13-19 years old). This is a great way to engage kids in STEM over the summer (but only one submission per student; no team entries are allowed).

Launch Video
Future Engineers: 3-D Space Container Challenge
Audience: K-12 Educators and Students
Entry Deadline: Aug. 2, 2015

NASA and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Foundation are challenging K-12 students to create a model of a container for space using 3-D modeling software. Astronauts need containers of all kinds — from advanced containers for studying fruit flies to simple containers for collecting Mars rocks or storing an astronaut’s food. The ability to 3-D print containers in space — on demand — will let humans venture farther into space. That’s why we are challenging students to start designing for space now.

Design entries could be for a container designed for microgravity on the International Space Station or a container designed for future astronauts on Mars! Space is a big place, but your imagination is even bigger. Multiple prizes, based on age groups, are available.

Entries must be submitted by Aug. 2, 2015.

The Design a Space Container Challenge is the second in a series of challenges where students in grades K-12 create and submit a digital 3-D model of a container that they think astronauts might need in space. Future Engineers is a multiyear education initiative that consists of 3-D space challenges and curriculum videos that parents and educators can use to get kids designing today. 

To sign up or for more information on the challenge, visit:


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