Game-Based Learning in STEM PD – 3/16/15

Teachers are encouraged to sign up for the “Game-Based Learning in STEM” PD held at the District 75 Office located at 400 1st Ave, New York, NY 10010 on 03/16/15. To register, please visit:


Games are a great way to engage students and to have fun, but can they also be used for learning? Of course they can! This professional development will have participants engaged in game-based learning in the STEM disciplines, understanding the theory of game-based learning, playing a wide variety of STEM games, and culminate with developing and building a game to bring back to their school. Games will include traditional & adapted boardgames, kinesthetic learning, problem solving, digital websites, iPad Apps, and SMARTBoard activities. The activities in this workshop will address the following Danielson Frameworks for Teaching 1a) Demonstrates Content Knowledge, 1e) Designing Coherent Instruction, and 4e) Participation in a Professional Community. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate that counts towards professional development requirement hours in their licensing process

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