Educators’ Evening – Nature’s Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters @AMNH

Join us on Friday, January 30  for an evening celebrating our latest exhibition, Nature’s Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters.  This is an opportunity for teachers to view the exhibition, hear from curators who worked on the exhibit, network with other educators, and gather resources on how to use the exhibit with their students.

Participants will recieve Educator’s Guides and related activiites that provide tools to align science content with Common Core State Standards in ELA for reading and writing.

From earthquakes and volcanoes to hurricanes and tornadoes, nature’s forces shape our dynamic planet and affect people around the world. Nature’s Fury will uncover the causes of these natural disasters, explore the risks associated with each, and examine how people cope and adapt in their aftermath.

Interactive displays and animations will help visitors understand how natural phenomena work. By monitoring earthquakes around the world in real time, manipulating an earthquake fault, generating a virtual volcano, standing within the center of a roaring tornado, and exploring the power of Hurricane Sandy via an interactive map of New York City, visitors will learn how scientists are helping to make better predictions, plan responses, and prepare for future events.

4:00-4:20pm: Sign-In and Reception
4:20-4:45pm: Table Conversations
 4:45-5:45pm: Welcome & Introduction to the Exhibition
5:45-7:00pm: Visit the Exhibition
Table Conversations

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