Education Beyond the Final Frontier

Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy

During the program, educators participate in a variety of activities including 45 hours of classroom, laboratory, and field-training. Simulated astronaut training exercises, high-performance jet simulations, scenario-based space missions, and flying programs are just a small sampling of what’s in the curriculum.

Along with your fellow educators, you’ll work together as a team to achieve a multitude of mission objectives. Whether you’re performing experiments in the lab, repairing satellites, or adding a module to the International Space Station, all of the educational simulations are realistic, exciting, and challenging.

Among some of the many planned activities, you will also participate in two simulated Space Shuttle Missions where you could end up being a Mission Specialist, Flight Director, Commander — or even the Shuttle Pilot! You may find yourself taking a space walk — or even walking on the Moon (in simulators, of course). And when it’s time to return to earth, you’ll also get to experience what it would be like to land in the ocean with a parachute and be rescued by a helicopter. Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy takes you where no classroom can possibly go so you can bring your experiences and excitement back to your students!

Learn more, here:

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